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Columbia’s Most Eligible Singles

Columbia’s Most Eligible Singles

These bachelors and bachelorettes are looking for love right here in Columbia.

Andrea Gayer

Andrea Gayer

Age: 30
Profession: Veterinary technician at Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital
Interested in: Men
Ever been married? No, but she would like to someday.
Kids? No, but she is open to dating someone with children.

About Andrea: It’s no surprise Andrea is an animal-lover and owns a black lab and a few kitties herself. Working at an animal hospital has its perks because it takes her just minutes to get ready, but on her days off, she enjoy getting dressed up and experimenting with new makeup. In five years, she sees herself married with a few kids living the American Dream. One day she hopes to travel to all 50 states.

Her perfect partner: Most importantly, Andrea looks for chemistry on a first date. She’s interested in someone who can make her laugh. Ideally, this man is outgoing but also doesn’t mind spending a quiet evening at home. Her future husband is a family man and either has kids already or wants them someday.  

Dress: Claudia Rose by Allure Bridals, Victoria’s Bridal; Necklace: Bar III, Macy’s; Earrings: Cezanne, Dillard’s

Dr. Joseph D. Rich

Dr. Joseph D. Rich

Age: 28
Profession: Optometrist at Family Focus Eyecare
Interested in: Women
Ever been married? No, but he would like to someday.
Kids? He doesn’t have any kids of his own and would prefer to date someone without children yet.

About J.D.: Evident from his photo, J.D. is the outdoorsy type. You can usually find him mountain biking, hiking or out with his three Boxers. He loves working out and working on his house. If he takes you on a date, it will most likely be somewhere with a fun patio. Otherwise, he’s pretty adventurous with different types of cuisines and thoroughly enjoys a great brunch menu.

His perfect partner: Initially, J.D. will notice a woman’s eyes (he is an optometrist after all), but the best way to his heart is a sweet smile or loving his dogs. His dream girl is friendly and fun-loving with plenty of energy. He also values someone who is patient, intelligent and career-oriented like he is.

Vest: Murano, Dillard’s; Pants: Calvin Klein, Dillard’s; Shirt: Calvin Klein, Dillard’s; Belt: Roundtree & Yorke, Dillard’s; Page boy hat: Cremieux, Dillard’s; Shoes: Johnston and Murphy, Mitchell’s collection  

Jenny McLaury

Jenny McLaury

Age: 33
Profession: Freelance esthetician and makeup artist for Christian Dior
Interested in: Men
Ever been married? No, but she would like to someday.
Kids? A 9-year old son.

About Jenny: Jenny is your all-American girl. She’s a busy mom of one who loves cheering on her son’s baseball team. She gets excited about traveling and hopes to see all of Castle Country in France. Ideally, Jenny would like to find herself living back on land with horses (clearly she’s a natural with them) and married with another kid.

Her perfect partner: She is looking for someone to build a life with. УI don’t want someone who is perfect — just perfect for me,” Jenny says. Her future husband will find joy in each day, whether it’s enjoying an evening out on the town or lounging around in pajamas. She’s still waiting for her perfect first date, so the opportunity is yours, gentlemen!

Dress: MariLee by Madeline Gardener, Victoria’s Bridal; Earrings: Cezanne, Dillard’s; Bracelet: BCBG, Macy’s

Nathan Todd

Nathan Todd

Age: 32
Profession: General manager at Bleu Restaurant and Catering
Interested in: Men
Ever been married? No but fingers crossed it will be legal one day, and he will hopefully find his way to the front of a church.
Kids? No but definitely wants them.
About Nathan: In his professional life, Nathan is very content. “I love my job and see myself doing what I’m doing five years from now,” he says. He’s also been pretty successful at checking things off his bucket list, though he’s still hoping to conquer a standup comedy routine. His friends say he looks a bit serious at first meeting, but he’s a loveable guy who enjoys everything from kayaking and hiking to cooking and yoga.

His perfect partner: Nathan is looking for a man who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty while playing on the farm but can also clean up nicely for a nice dinner or an event in Columbia. He must be able to keep up with Nathan’s adventurous spirit and keep his clothes properly ironed. And a killer smile doesn’t hurt either.

Shirt: Calvin Klein, Dillard’s; Pants: Calvin Klein, Dillard’s; Suspenders: Roundtree & Yorke, Dillard’s; Page boy hat: Cremieux, Dillard’s; Boots: Mitchell’s collection

Jennifer Wesselman

Jennifer Wesselman

Age: 30
Profession: Owner of Jennifer Wesselman State Farm Insurance
Interested in: Men
Ever been married? Yes, but she is divorced.
Kids? Four-year-old twins, Brooklynn and Brennan

About Jennifer: She describes herself as a strong extrovert with ambitious goals both personally and professionally who’s grounded by her traditional values and loyal to those in her circle. She’s immediately attracted to confident men and enjoys any type of dessert. She has a major sweet tooth. Jennifer is always up for a good time and thinks concerts and sporting events are the perfect first dates.

Her perfect partner: As a business owner and mom of two, Jennifer appreciates someone with a flexible schedule, but she hopes to meet someone who is spontaneous, self-driven and established with strong values. Her ideal man has a strong personality, is humorous and would be up for traveling and exploring with her.

Dress: Adriann Papell, Dillard’s; Necklace: SugarLips, Dillard’s; Earrings: Kate Spade, Dillard’s

Nathan “Shags” McLeod

Nathan McLeod

Age: 36
Profession: Radio DJ on 96.7 KCMQ’s Morning Shag
Interested in: Women E
ver been married?
No, and he isn’t really in a rush to get married.
Kids? No kids, but he wouldn’t be opposed to dating someone with kids as long as he was introduced only if things were serious.

About Shags: Shags’ sense of humor is what you’ll notice first. He says the best way to his heart is through his chest cavity. He’s comedic and entertaining while being wildly free-spirited. He loves being in the wilderness and capturing life’s awkwardly beautiful moments with his camera.

His perfect partner: He would love to meet a woman who is a creative and free thinker with a sense of humor equal to his own. She must appreciate Mother Nature and be willing to join him on his adventures fishing, camping, and hiking. A beautiful smile wouldn’t hurt either.

Shirt: Calvin Klein, Dillard’s; Pants: Roundtree & Yorke, Dillard’s; Suspenders: Roundtree & Yorke, Dillard’s; Straw hat: Cremeiux, Dillard’s  

Millie Lovett

Millie Lovett

Age: 42
Profession: General manager at The Blue Note
Interested in: Men
Ever been married? Yes, and she’s interested more in a domestic partnership than another marriage.
Kids? No kids, but she wouldn’t be opposed to dating someone with kids.

About Millie: Millie loves the music scene and being surrounded by people. Whether she’s planning or attending a party, she enjoys both. At times, she will surprise people because she has a rocker image and can be found mudding in her Jeep or fishing, but she also knits and scrapbooks. She sees herself continuing to be in the live music industry, whether it’s staying at The Blue Note or becoming a tour manager.

Her perfect partner: Because Millie works nights, she needs someone who is understanding of her career and independence. Ideally, she would like a man with a pick-up-and-go lifestyle who would accompany her on camping trips at music festivals. To her, there’s nothing better than a bearded man with patience and a sense of humor.

Tank: Victoria Araujo’s personal collection; Shorts: Chelsay Russell, Stephens fashion student; Sheer skirt: Victoria’s Bridal; Belt: Victoria’s Bridal; Necklace: Givenchy, Macy’s; Earrings: Rachael Roy, Macy’s; Bracelets: Millie’s personal collection  

Dr. Eric Boyd

Dr. Eric Boyd

Age: 35
Profession: Dentist at The Colonies Dental Center
Interested in: Women
Ever been married? No, but he would like to be someday.
Kids? No, but he would be open to dating someone with kids.  

About Eric: He is an avid sports fan and has dreams of getting back into coaching football someday while still maintaining his practice. His active personality continues outdoors where he enjoys camping, hunting, fishing and hiking. One day he hopes to get to Europe and see all of it so he can check it off his bucket list.  

His perfect partner: Eric is looking for a lady who is down to earth with strong family values but isn’t afraid to be a bit wild and free. Ideally, she is a person who values health and is smart and interesting. Most importantly, he wants someone who challenges him while accepting herself.

Vest: Murano, Dillard’s Shirt: Murano, Dillard’s Pants: Perry Ellis, Dillard’s  

Spencer Ruyle and Amanda Bruckerhoff

Spencer Ruyle and Amanda Bruckerhoff

You might recognize Amanda’s radiant smile and great head of hair from last year’s Most Eligible Bachelorettes. The elementary assistant principal signed up to be one of seven lucky ladies to be paired with eligible bachelors in Columbia. And as fate would have it, she met her perfect match.

“This sounds kind of crazy, but when I first met Amanda, I was mesmerized by her long flowing hair as she turned around,” Spencer says. “It was almost like it was in slow motion.”

But slow isn’t exactly the way the couple would describe how their relationship took off.

“We texted constantly the first week we met each other,” Amanda says.

“It was almost as if one week was equivalent to three months of dating,” Spencer adds.

Since then, the whirlwind of a year has been filled with lots of laughs and adventures for the couple.

“We both recently turned 30, and this was the right time in our lives to meet each other,” Spencer says. “The whole relationship has been very fitting.”

“We’re committed to each other,” Amanda says with a smile.

Ironically, just a few short days after Amanda muttered those words, Spencer got down on one knee and proposed on the balcony of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Now the two are looking forward to living their lives together.

“You always want to give love a chance,” Spencer says. “I’m not a very emotional person and not willing to do stuff like this, but when you do it together, it’s a great experience.”

“For these pictures, I wasn’t worried about how I looked or what I was wearing,” Amanda says. “I was just excited to be able to do this with him.”

Don’t worry, Amanda. You both look great, and the entire Columbia Home team wishes you the best.

Styled by Mitchell Drinkard
Hair and makeup by Victoria Araujo, Jennifer Hovis and Leigh Rogers
Clothing by Dillard’s, Macy’s, Victoria’s Bridal and Chelsay Russell
Horses provided by Stephens College Equestrian Department
A big thank you to the Daly family for letting us use their barn as a beautiful backdrop.

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