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Aint No Mo Like CoMo

Aint No Mo Like CoMo

I chuckled to myself after I saw a shirt with this saying on it at Swank Boutique last weekend. I found it entertaining but at the same time, completely a true statement.

Had you told me two years ago that you would find me back in Columbia working a full-time job, I would have laughed at you. Now don’t hate me yet. I loved Columbia as an undergrad at Mizzou for the small exposure I had to the downtown area, local festivals and great eats. But, I also has high aspirations of working for a national publication and moving out to New York City.

Turns out, NYC is extremely expensive. After a short reality check, a few experiences at publications and PR firms in Dallas and St. Louis, I eventually found myself back in Columbia. I couldn’t resist the undeniable charm of the city, acceptance of out of towners and of course, the handsome brunette man I started dating shortly before all of this happened.

Regardless, I now find myself back in CoMo working for Columbia Home and having the privilege to meet and work with truly inspirational people in the community. We get a small window of opportunity to share these individuals’ stories with you, but there is so much more beyond the beautiful glossy photos and the few words or praise we are able to give them.

I was inspired to write this blog after I returned to the office from two photo shoots with truly outstanding Columbia women.
The first shoot was at the home of the Hoyt family. We were greeted at the door by the family’s watch dog, a massive bullmastiff named Franklin. From first glance, he’s quite intimidating, but once you get to know Franklin, he’s a softy at heart. A few steps behind Franklin was Megan, homeowner and wife to Dr. Daniel Hoyt. She welcomed us into her home sharing stories of her remodel experience with Designer Kitchen and Bath and shared photos of adorable children.

While I was interviewing her, she kept saying, “Now you’ll know how goofy I really am.” But you know what, Megan? We love goofy.
My next stop was the home of Barb Schlemeier, a Real Estate agent with House of Brokers. Our photographer, Angelique Hunter, and I were greeted with the smell of freshly baked bread as we entered her home. We ended up learning the secrets to bread making and delving into olive oil from Italy and balsamic oil that perfectly complimented her perfected recipe…nevermind the kitchen remodel.

We left with the promise of returning for baking lessons and an offer to drop her famous oatmeal cookies off at our office. Her granddaughters had recently made $40 off them at a lemonade sale because they’re that good.

So I have made myself promise that I am going to share the behind-the-scenes secrets, the crazy things our staff encounters throughout the production process of the magazine and the amazing stories that sometimes don’t get quite as much recognition as they really deserve.

My goal through this is to show you that there’s people in this community who care much more about have a voice and an outlet to spread their word or share their experiences with you than how many times their photo or name will appear in the magazine. I promise to show you that there really “aint not Mo like CoMo.”


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