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Most useful tool for marketing

Most useful tool for marketing

In today’s ever-changing technology environment, professional advertisers and marketers encounter greater choices in selecting modes and vehicles of branding, marketing and advertising. Some of the most current and popular fads include in-game product placement, mobile video and podcasting. Startups such as have made themselves a name by taking advantage of video and user-generated content, such as crowd sourcing. Others such as have taken advantage of advertising on a live human being’s body, hat, or car. Obviously, there are hardly any limits to what can be used to promote goods or services.

With every new innovation there is a new way to promote particular products; yet how do you choose the right method? Historically speaking, promotional vehicles that are popular among young consumers stay hidden for a while. was once very hip. However, once it was designated as a marketing tool, it was rather “old news.” Just ask your teenage children: they are already on the hunt for undiscovered gems.

Other media sources such as Viacom have discovered that older models such as MTV do not necessarily become transformable into a Web version. Hence, there is always a question about what is suited to your particular goods or services. It is easy to make an educated guess based on historical trends — no matter what vehicle, mode, technology and fad, it is safe to assume that multimedia marketing and advertising will find their rightful place. So, what does this mean for your business? It is simple; it means that if you want the best possible return on investment, you place your bet on video production of your message.

The logic behind this conclusion is simple: a particular branding, marketing or advertising message that is produced in multimedia form will include audio and video that can be easily converted to any current, new or upcoming technology. Hence, your message will be able to adapt, which is one of the more important pillars of advertising and marketing. Can you imagine the same message appearing in the formats of radio, TV, online, landing pages and podcast? Similarly, because the message is consistent, the cross-platform transformation cost is lower. You pay once for the production but get to use it on several different platforms for minimal conversion costs.

Even more important, however, are adaptability and speedy integration of the message. Imagine having an advertising and marketing message that you can easily integrate without the waiting period. Can you imagine having a video that you would have uploaded to six or eight months ago, before the Web site was so popular and commercial? Keep in mind that the age of billboards and newspapers is virtually over. Speed, flexibility and foresight are vital.

The bottom line is that if you want to actively participate in your company’s branding, marketing and advertising efforts, you need to have some multimedia message ready to adapt to current and upcoming trends. Just ask the people at Google why they spent so much capital to penetrate and rule the multimedia market.

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