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Life behind the lens

*Lens Life*Stephens filmaker produces documentaries

Urban Forestry: Council pondering new tree preservation policies

Scott Wright has enjoyed the Brentwood forest behind his property since he moved to the…

Business Profile: Columbia’s Repo Man: ‘I can track down just about anyone’

*Business Profile: Missouri Reposession Services* Dave Miller turns a onetime repo into a lasting family business.

Opposites attract at new P.S. Gallery exhibit

Thom Smith understands irony. In his new exhibit at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery, the local painter…

First rule for investing in local art: buy what you love

*Art Investments*First rule for investing in local art: buy what you love.

New Bar program helps resolve disputes between lawyers

In front of a judge, polemical power is an asset for a lawyer. But when…

Business Profile: Primaris

Primaris CEO, Richard A. Royer Keeping Health Care Healthy Primaris’ mission: improve healthcare, assist Medicare…