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10 Tips for Cultivating a Joy-Filled Life

10 Tips for Cultivating a Joy-Filled Life

A few suggestions for putting a bounce in your step and a smile on your face this spring.

Choose A Scent
Most girls love to be told they smell good. Do you have a signature scent? If not, indulge yourself in the perfume aisle and find the one that captures you. You’ll love the way it makes you feel.

My scent of choice: Philosophy’s Amazing Grace

Start a Perpetual Calendar
Nothing cultivates joy like looking back in time to remember what you accomplished, who you connected with, and what you experienced. Start recording your daily highlights now to make way for 2021.

My favorite: 1canoe2’s five-year memory book

Pamper Yourself
Life is too short not to enjoy the small things. Make it part of your routine to treat yourself to a massage, a glass of wine, your favorite chocolate, or even a bouquet of flowers.

My go-to treat: The Candy Factory’s raspberry truffles

Create a Playlist
Nothing beats the blues like driving down a back road, singing like no one is listening. String together the songs that get your toes tapping and have them ready.

The top of my list:
Eric Church’s “Jack Daniels” (I’m not even a fan of whiskey, but this tune puts a smile on my face.)

Make a Hit List
Grab a friend and make a list of firsts – places you haven’t explored, restaurants you’re dying to discover, and activities you have yet to try. Then attack the list one at a time. It’s a double shot of feel good – a fun time with a special person.

Next on my list: Cajun Crab House with a seafood-loving friend

Grow Yourself
Feel like you’re in a rut? Stretch yourself. Ask around or do a little research to find a new book or podcast that will challenge or help you with some area of your life. Commit to reading or listening once a week.

My latest growth source: Emily P. Freeman’s book and podcast “The Next Right Thing”

Celebrate Others
Finding joy isn’t always about us. Commit to celebrate others. Acknowledge the birthday, wedding, baby shower, or retirement of someone special by going above and beyond. Buy a touching gift, handwrite a card, plan a date, or meet a need.

My trick: Look for unique gifts months in advance

Make Room for Rest
Whether it be a lazy Saturday morning, a mid-afternoon nap, or a weekend getaway, prioritize rest and relaxation in your life. Turn off the TV, silence your phone, and let the solitude and stillness clear your mind and emotions.

Top suggestion: A weekend retreat in Rocheport

Stretch Yourself
And I literally mean, stretch yourself. Whether it be yoga, Pilates, or a walk on the trail, get off the couch and get yourself moving. The focused attention and deep breathing will clear your head and fill your soul.

My activity of choice: Yoga Sol’s noon Yin Yoga class

Create Rhythms
We all have good intentions, but they can quickly fall by the wayside with our list of to-do’s. Want a tried and true way to fill your life with joy? Create rhythms of work and rest, solitude and community, being and doing.

My recommendation: Pull out your calendar (now) and prioritize the items that speak to you.

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