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Pinkies Up

Pinkies Up

  • photos by Keith Borgmeyer
The Cascades Cocktail Club gathers for tea and lighthearted fun — with a splash of champagne.

Styled by Adonica Coleman, A2D Events
Clothing courtesy of My Sister’s Circus and Kelly Fields Boutique

Amused by their experience (and eventual eviction) at a local wine club meeting gone awry, Adonica Coleman, Stephanie Escott, and friends began holding their own monthly get-together. Since no one in the group was especially enthusiastic about wine, they began serving cocktails instead: Whoever was hosting for the night would dream up a signature cocktail to serve to the other attendees. And from there, the Cascades Cocktail Club was born.

The first signature cocktail was Stephanie’s Flirtini, a simple recipe made from pineapple juice, vodka, and champagne. The women still fondly reflect on that first meeting and how a few of the friends were personally victimized by the drink.

Monthly meetings gave way to late nights, sleepovers, and weekend getaways at the lake. One Thanksgiving, the women even ended up helping Lori Hord prepare dinner for her family. Though some of the members have moved and schedules have become more hectic, the ladies of C3 still find time to get together as much as possible.

To celebrate their 10 years of friendship, COMO Living and A2D Events threw an afternoon tea party at Plume. Of course, no meeting of C3 would be complete without champagne and a signature cocktail. Today’s treat: hot tea toddys! The favorite? A classic Earl Grey tea with a splash of Amaretto.

Lori Hord

“We always have such a great time when we’re together — we share, we laugh, and are there for each other.”

Lori’s simple but trendy style was accentuated by her snakeskin print tunic, Kendra Scott necklaces, and Kendra Scott earrings, all from Kelly Fields Boutique.

Suzette Bacon

“For many years I didn’t partake in alcohol, and I never felt left out!”

Suzette is dressed in a white blouse with lace detail from My Sister’s Circus.

Stephanie Escott

Stephanie, the group’s founder, describes her personal style as “casual, barefoot, and go with the flow.”

Stephanie’s wide-sleeved maroon blouse from My Sister’s Circus is a great fit for her preferred look.

Kara Linnemeyer

“There were so many fun nights with great drinks, snacks, belly laughs, and dependable, kind, beautiful friends.”

Kara’s crimson, cold-shouldered blouse is courtesy of My Sister’s Circus.

Adonica Coleman

“My style is fairly trendy. I like big earrings and bold colors.”

Adonica’s navy tunic from My Sister’s Circus and silver Kendra Scott earrings from Kelly Fields Boutique reflect her modern style.

Carey Hughes

“The first night I went to the party not even knowing the host. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I felt at home. These were my girls!”

Carey’s fringe sweater and earrings from Kelly Fields Boutique are a fun fit for any party.

Andrea Donner

“I would say I’m more casual and more traditional in my style.”

This heather gray wrap dress accessorized with Kendra Scott earrings from Kelly Fields Boutique is the perfect fit for Andrea’s laid-back style.

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