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Citizen Jane Partners with Local Art Spaces

Citizen Jane Partners with Local Art Spaces

Dogmaster Distillery, Talking Horse Productions, and Orr Street Studios host festival events.

There is an overwhelming sense of creative community in Columbia, Missouri. Art studios, an independent cinema, galleries, bold public sculptures, tons of theater companies, and more dot the town’s cultural landscape — and that’s leaving out the presence of not one, but two major film fests!

The Citizen Jane Film Festival, celebrating our 10th year, is setting out to spread the communal creative joy by partnering with local art spaces in the North Village Arts District during our fest this October.

Phosphors is a major outdoor artistic collaboration between CJ Film Fest, MU, and both local and international artists. The word itself refers to the presence of luminescence, a glowing, emanating sense of light. Film projectors embody this sense of illumination and awe as they flicker light onto movie screens, but in the case of this large-scale art installation, projectors will be moved out of the movie theater and into the streets! Casting light onto spaces and businesses, the projectors will show digitally crafted, moving images that envelop areas downtown for everyone to see. Mark your calendars for October 28 for the presentation of this ambitious project.

Around the corner from Phosphors, nestled next to Dogmaster Distillery, is Talking Horse Productions. Talking Horse is a theater company that produces shows throughout the year in their intimate black box theater. Citizen Jane will take over the space October 27 through 29, turning it into a movie theater full of just as much heart and action as Talking Horse does during its dramatic performances.

Nearby, Orr Street Studios will host our Filmmaker Dinner, a private soiree for our visiting guests to commune and dine while enjoying the works of area artists that adorn the walls. Orr Street is an incredible exhibition, event, and studio space and a wonderful addition to the North Village Arts District — and they also recently celebrated a 10-year anniversary! We’re so happy to share this distinct, inspiring space with our guests.

Rounding out the neighborhood love, Ragtag Cinema, which lies on the edges of the North Village Arts District, continues to be a huge supporter in sharing the cinematic arts with the town of Columbia. The Citizen Jane Suggests film at Ragtag Cinema for the month of August is “Work” (1996), a film that resides in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Directed by Missouri native Rachel Reichman, “Work” opens August 24 and follows Jenny and her discontents. To find herself, Jenny sparks a relationship with her neighbor, June, becoming more than just friends. As her personal life wavers, Jenny is forced to further question her role in society: Where does she belong? After stunning audiences with its honesty and beauty upon its release, “Work” continues to be a must-see in the canon of women’s filmmaking.

We are so lucky to be a part of the presentation of this seminal art film! See you at the movies and in the North Village Arts District.


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