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‘Tis the Season for Fundraisers

‘Tis the Season for Fundraisers


How many times have you gotten an invite to a local fundraiser in the mail? OK, how many notifications about fundraising events have you received from a friend via Facebook? Now, be honest, how many have you actually attended?

A lot, a few, none?

Since we are being honest here, I will admit that I used to be one of the people who ignored fundraising invites, until I started planning events. The sheer amount of pre-work, stress and worry that goes into fundraisers has forever changed the way I view them.

The people who plan fundraisers are practically saints! Seriously, a lot of the planning is done by volunteers, or people who work for the non for profit and take on the extra responsibilities in addition to their daily job duties. You know how there is always a silent auction for you to peruse looking for a deal? Guess what? Somebody (probably that volunteer I mentioned above) has spent countless days and hours calling every person and business they know to see if they can get something donated that people will actually bid on. After picking up all the items they also spend their time stuffing baskets with tissue paper and praying that someone will actually raise the bid by more than $3.Fundraiser

Whether people are going to show up, be interested in the program, and most importantly open their checkbooks, top the list of things planners pull their hair out about before a fundraiser. “Is this event going to actually net any funds,” is the number one worry, it’s called a fundraiser for a reason! Contrary to popular belief every person attending is not “sold out” for the cause, a lot of people are there because they were invited by someone who already is.

There are so many worthy causes in town that put on excellent fundraisers. Rainbow House, Granny’s House, Christian Fellowship, Primrose Hill and Tigers on the Prowl, just to name a few. The Day Dreams foundation is a brand new non for profit that just held its very first fundraiser a couple weeks ago. My husband and I attended and I found myself walking around encouraging the other guests to bid more at the silent auction tables. The volunteers and workers for these charities pour in so much to help others, attending their events and bidding is the little we can do to give back. So pick a charity who’s mission you appreciate, find out when their next fundraiser is and just do it!

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