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Your Calendar and Your Checkbook

Your Calendar and Your Checkbook

This past week, I had a staycation/workation at our lake house. I spent the week writing, working a little and playing a lot (and also realizing I need my own wife…or at least a real vacation where others wait on me, cook for me and do the laundry).

I also recognized that I am extremely lucky because I am consciously making the time to spend it on my number ones. It’s so easy at times to allow the demands of work and everyday things to take us away from our priorities – our number ones.

I’ve had this conversation recently with other friends whose relationships are suffering. Aren’t we all struggling at times? The fact is that relationships, both friendships and marriages, take work. Are you making the time for those relationships that matter in your life? Are you “too busy” with life that you’re forgetting to spend that time with those you love – your own number ones?

And by time I don’t just mean time in the same room together but time focused on each other. I know at times I think to myself  “If I can just send one last email, do one last load of laundry, finish the menu planning, nag at the kids one more time to pick up after themselves and make a dent in my never-ending to do list, then I will have time to just focus on family and friends.”

But the fact is that there will always be a to do list. And I find myself at times needing to put myself in check. We live in a world of iPads, iPhones and 24/7 technology. Learning to put the phone down and focus on truly being present is something that’s hard but necessary.

I recently read something that made me think, yet again, about how I’m spending my time. Basically, the gist of the story was that we choose how we spend our time and money. We choose our priorities and sometimes, it’s easy in this fast-paced, crazy world to get out of whack and off track.

The article reminded us all to look at our calendars and our checkbooks and see if how we are truly spending our time and money is in line with what we value most. So I did just that and looked at my own calendar and checkbook. A few things were out of whack (mostly my retail therapy reflected in my checkbook), but I will continue to focus on those things I value most: spending time with my friends and family and spending my money that creates memories with those I love, while at the same time, giving back to others. Yes, I have to earn a living, but I don’t want to look back and regret saying no to my number ones. I’ve been guilty of saying no to the kids when they wanted to play a game because I had one more email to send. I’ve been guilty of not truly being present in a conversation with my hubby because I was thinking about something else. I’ve been guilty of telling my parents I was too busy with work to enjoy a one hour lunch with them.

For a Type-A who just wants to check those things off her to do list, continuing to keep myself in check is an ongoing process. I love my work, my writing and feeling like I have a purpose bigger than myself, but I also can’t miss out on what’s right in front of me. I will continue to do my best to ensure that my calendar and my checkbook reflect my priorities in life: my number ones. These are the peeps whom I love with all my heart. How about you? Take a look at your calendar and your checkbook. What does it say about you and your priorities? You only get one life. It’s your calendar and your checkbook so choose wisely.

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