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Revamping a Wedding Space

Revamping a Wedding Space

The current trend with weddings is all about repurposing. By taking those old Mason jars and wrapping them with a little twine and lace, you have the latest rustic style. People forget that repurposing doesn’t have to stop with the tiny details of your wedding. Let’s think bigger with other aspects, such as your reception venue.

Layout: If you live in a small town, or even a large town for that matter, chances are you know someone who has used the same reception venue as you are considering for your big day. Now, I know that we all want our weddings to be different. You just can’t have your wedding where your second cousin did because then your weddings will look the same, right? Challenge yourself to see past the standard banquet chairs and tables. Trust me, no one will recognize the room once you put your personal touches on the space using creativity and imagination.
If HGTV shows have taught us anything, it’s that the layout of a room will make or break a space. It’s similar with a wedding. The design of your reception space sets the tone for the evening. Comfy couches or a nontraditional seating arrangement can make a square room look like a beautiful one-of-a-kind event space. I bet your cousin didn’t think of that one.

Lighting and linens: I like to take a look at these elements together, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Lighting has come such a long way over the past few years. Not only can you get twinkle lights and traditional colored upright lights, but you can also get trees or snowflakes illuminating the walls of your event space. If you don’t have enough money for specialty linens, use all white linens and chair covers. Couple that with specialty lighting, and your room will be completely transformed.

Overall, you can never go wrong with linens, but with so many options, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. First things first: Set your linen budget. Otherwise, you might find yourself falling in love with handmade sequin linens that you’ll have to take out a second mortgage to afford. Once you have that established, mix and match different colors, patterns and textures, but don’t forget a few statement linens for your cake or sweetheart table.


Leanne NaegerLeanne Naeger-Geiss is the sales director at Columbia Country Club. Although she is in charge of all things sales, her true love is wedding planning. She has 12 years of event-planning experience, and she is your go-to girl when he puts a ring on it. From Pinterest to wedding trends and classic bridal do’s and don’ts, Leanne has a wealth of knowledge to share.

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