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Meet Your Neighbors – Lindsey and Harley Naumann

Meet Your Neighbors – Lindsey and Harley Naumann

Relocated from: San Antonio


How long have you been in Columbia?

Lindsey: We have been here since October.


What brought you to Columbia?

Harley: My job. I had just finished my Ph.D. and was doing a postdoc in Texas. I got an associate professor position here at the University of Missouri in the Division of Plant Sciences.


What did you hear or know about Columbia before moving here?

Lindsey: We had heard that it was kind of like Austin, Texas: more laidback, liberal. But it’s bigger than I thought it would be. There’s more here than I thought.


Harley: It’s a miniature version of Austin. The few times so far when we have had really nice weather on a weekend. It was just Olive and me, and when we went downtown, it was just really buzzing and vibrant with musicians on the street playing live music, just kind of random. Everyone was down there walking their dogs, and there were bikers. There was a woman walking around with a petition with some sort of rodent hanging out on her shoulder, and I had no idea what it was. There was a guy carrying around a big sign giving out free hugs and compliments. It was all very much like what you would see in Austin.


What is your favorite thing about Columbia so far?

Lindsey: I love the MKT, the trails, and it’s like there’s a park around every corner. It’s a real outdoorsy community. I also like that buzz downtown because there is always something going on.


What’s something you miss from your old home that Columbia is lacking?

Lindsey: Heat and our good friends we have grown up with.


Harley: Authentic Mexican food.


What do you like most about living in Columbia?

Lindsey: It’s almost like a fresh start. I left my corporate job, so I have started a freelance company, and that has been a whole new beginning for me and getting to stay home with Olive full time. It’s been a good growth opportunity for me.

Harley: One of the things I really like about Columbia is that there are natural areas all over the place with easy access. When you turn a corner, there is something to do outdoors and a lot of family-friendly outdoor activities. I left an 11-year career through a private corporation in San Antonio, and I left that to become part of the academia world here in Columbia, so it’s a new start for me as well. I really enjoy working at MU. The people I have met are really good people.


What does the word “CoMo” mean to you?

Lindsey: I like “CoMo.” It sounds hip and homey. ​


Are there any activities you would like to get involved with or have already done so?

Lindsey: Definitely to get outdoors more. We weren’t doing a whole lot in San Antonio, mostly gyms and indoor things because it is so hot there. Here, I feel like I am so ready to get outside and do things. One thing we wanted to get into in San Antonio was kayaking, but we never could because of the drought, so we are really looking forward to finding the best rivers because we brought our kayaks with us. We also go to the Little Gym and Alley Cat Yoga, which has a Mommy and Me yoga class.


Are there any “Columbianisms” you’ve noticed?

Lindsey: Everybody drives pretty slowly around here compared to San Antonio, but maybe that just means we haven’t completely adjusted to small-town living!


What is your favorite restaurant so far?

Lindsey: Shakespeare’s, hands down.

Harley: I like Flat Branch, but for lunch I really like Uprise Bakery inside Ragtag.


Photo by Madison Alcedo

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