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Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

We relocated from: Chicago


What brought you here to Columbia?

Well, the short story is my husband’s job, but the longer story is that we both went to Mizzou. We met here and fell in love here. We’ve moved around but came back and got married in the alumni center. We wanted to come back here when we had kids because most of our family is in Missouri.


Where did you relocate from?

We moved from the Chicago suburb of Naperville, where we lived for six years. Before that we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Tacoma, Wash.


What did you hear or know about Columbia before moving here?

It’s different coming back to Columbia. We had questions about whether it would infringe on college memories. We knew we loved the university and the area, but I had no concept of life outside the university.                 


What of those things were true?

Most of my memories were correct, but in 12 years the town has changed and grown a lot. Businesses have changed, and the campus is bigger. A lot of it is little stuff, but the big places such as Heidelberg are still here, and non-students can go to those places without feeling weird.


What is your favorite thing about Columbia so far?

Although the weather has been bad, it is better than in Chicago. We’ve really enjoyed being able to get back outdoors more when the weather has been nice.

What’s something you miss from your old home that Columbia is lacking?

If they could please bring a Nordstrom Rack here, that would be great. But really, I just miss some of the things that come with a big city. Our 3-year-old really likes trains, so being able to just hop on a train for him was really fun when we lived in Chicago.


What do you like most about where you live?

We moved quickly, so we didn’t really get the chance to house shop. For now, we are in a rental. This will probably be our last move for a while, so we’re taking our time to really figure it out. People here are friendlier than other places, and I really like that.


Are there any activities you would like to get involved with or have already done so?

Honestly, I have been overwhelmingly impressed with what Columbia has to offer for little kids. The ARC programs and library programs are really great. I would like to get more involved with the art community here to expand my small business, so I want to get plugged in.


I’m looking for a buddy to ______________ with me.

Get together with kids during the day and collaborate with people about business ideas.


What is your favorite restaurant that you’ve eaten at so far?

Anytime we would come back, we would go to Flat Branch and Shakespeare’s, and since moving back, we’ve been many times. Those are definitely our two favorite places.


Are there any “Columbianisms” you’ve noticed?

I don’t know that I could say I’ve noticed anything, and that might be because I’ve been here before, and I’m used to it.


What does the word “CoMo” mean to you?

I think it’s a little weird. It wasn’t really a catchphrase before, and now it is. I think it sounds funny, but I do really like the shirts I’ve seen around that say, “We’re all Comosexuals.”


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