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360 Health

360 Health

Optimizing your body for healthy, preventative aging

Everybody ages; it’s a fact of life. And whether you frequent the gym and keep a well-balanced, heart-healthy diet or not, you’re prone to disease due to decreased hormones. Chances are, the better your lifestyle choices, the less likely you are to experience ill or failing health. But then again, you never know. Look at JoAnn, as an example. Healthy aging depends on so much more than your workout routine and diet choices.

Yes, both of those components are important, but what about the uncontrollables: the internal balance, your immune system and your overall bodily health? Being able to take care of that, now that’s an investment. Instead of focusing only on the controllables, what if you could focus on the uncontrollables as well? Thanks to Dr. Michael Maurizi, Wilson’s Fitness Center and preventive aging medicine, you can.

The theory behind the 360 Health program is simple: Why spend money during the last years of your life on health care and failing health when you can be preventive and experience healthy aging?

Older in Age, Older in Spirit

As you age, you lose hormones. It’s just what happens. Loss of hormones means less energy, weight gain, loss of muscle mass and frail bones.

Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Common diseases that affect the elderly in our society, such as type 2 diabetes, are 100 percent reversible, as long as you experience early intervention, a balanced diet, exercise regularly and optimize your physiology.

Dr. Maurizi has adapted a supplemental program that improves quality of life by replacing hormone imbalances. “We’re putting back in your body what was naturally there,” Maurizi says. “We’re not looking for people to be a fountain of youth, but we want to improve their quality of life, make them feel good and improve energy levels.”

Inflammation is a key trigger for cardiovascular disease, cancer and plaque formation, which affects your cholesterol. Balancing your hormones can decrease that inflammation and, ultimately, improve the way you live.

Total Care for Your Body

Like any successful health program, there are multiple components to 360 Health. The total package includes training, exercise, appropriate diet and physiological analyzation. Before you get started on your program, Maurizi completes an extensive comprehensive health exam. He analyzes blood work, performs an extensive thyroid check and completes a food allergy and hormone panel and a full-body dexus scan. After analyzing all of this, he will put you on a supplement plan that is going to cater specifically to your body’s needs.

No, you don’t have to be close to retirement to be involved in the program. In fact, preventive health can start at any age. For example, a younger individual might be concerned with their future health because of their weight. Again, the program takes a preventive approach. Rather than focusing on weight loss, 360 Health addresses weight loss in a healthy fashion. Maurizi focuses on controllable and uncontrollable problems that are causing you to weigh more, and he addresses significant problems because of weight gain.

The trainers use high-intensity training to optimize each individual heart rate. They find the exact rate at which your body flips to anaerobic and begins to burn fat. Maurizi says 360 Health is for someone who wants the full health benefits package. It motivates you to exercise, guides you with nutritional diet choices and includes pharmaceutical-grade hormones all under the watch of a certified doctor.


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