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A Healthy Me With Laura Lee

A Healthy Me With Laura Lee

Tucked inside the Wilson’s Forum location (and soon to be in The District), Laura Lee shares advice to transform your everyday, lackluster diet into an energy-packed, health-conscious lifestyle.

Growing up eating a healthy diet got Laura Lee started on the right foot. Even as the youngest of nine children, she always experienced nutritious meals and snacks. Having Cheerios in the house was a big deal, according to her. In addition to her wise eating decisions, Laura is active and fit. She was a member of the University of Missouri track team during her undergraduate years and worked at Wilson’s as a trainer.

Although athletics came naturally to her, Laura couldn’t ignore her passion for food. “I love to come up with my own recipes for unhealthy food options,” she says. “My favorite is remodeling recipes, as I like to call it.”

What started as custom meal plans for a few clients has grown into a full-fledged business, including product placement in Hy-Vee off West Broadway and Grindstone and inside both Clover’s locations. Her Healthy Plates and smoothies can be found in the Wilson’s lobby for people on the go, or you can sign up for her 90-day program.

Whether you’re ready to jump into a complete diet redesign, Laura is always willing to share her knowledge about ingredient replacement while teaching a healthy lifestyle and educating people on reading labels. Make sure to visit her blog,, where she posts recipes and eating tips without counting calories or incorporating fad diets.

 Healthy Plate


-2 eggs and 2 egg whites

-organic turkey bacon

-Ezekiel bread toast


-Healthy Plate (packed with grains and protein)

*Laura’s favorites: Quinoa salad, low-carb wraps or tuna salad with cashews


*Always try eating dinner before 7 p.m. so your body has time to digest before bedtime.


-Veggies (Focus on green veggies: broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, etc.)


-Plain Greek yogurt with chocolate protein powder mixed in for flavoring

-Trail mix (made of raisins, almonds and seeds)

-1 ½ cups unsweetened milk and 1 scoop of whey protein

A Healthful Heart:

Purchase treats for your Valentine’s Day sweetie that won’t have them feeling guilty. Ingredients include unsweetened cocoa, cocunt oil and raw honey. Add peanut butter upon request. Call ahead to order: (573) 446-3232

Easy substitute:

Ketchup is usually a popular condiment with kiddos. Try swapping out regular ketchup with unsweetened ketchup and adding a bit of raw honey.


New This Year! Wilson’s members receive 10 percent off Laura Lee’s services

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