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Exploring Waterproof Flooring

Exploring Waterproof Flooring

  • "Exploring Waterproof Flooring" originally appeared in the June 2024 "Animal" issue of COMO Magazine
What the Home Pros Know with Michele Batye

Homeowners often dream of refining their living spaces with the beauty of hardwood floors or upgrading to a modern tile in their laundry, bathroom, or kitchen spaces, but worry if hardwood can withstand their family’s active lifestyles and if the expense to change out tile is worth the investment.  

Luckily, luxurious vinyl flooring brings the beauty of stone, tile, and hardwood flooring with affordable oops-proof, pet-proof, and waterproof durability. 

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What makes vinyl or resilient flooring so durable? It’s a composition of four layers of synthetic materials including: 

The Wear Layer

This durable top layer is a protective seal to keep your floors scratch-free. Any scuffs or spills are easily removed with a quick sweep or a damp towel.  

The Photo or Design Layer

The fun part of finding new floors is choosing the color and design. With LVT or LVP, there are multiple, colors, textures, and finishes to brighten any room.  

The Rigid Core 

Typically composed of PVC and other synthetic materials, the rigid core stabilizes vinyl flooring.   

The Back Layer

The bottom or back layer provides the base structure and waterproofing properties to the under-layer of the flooring 

When you are searching for vinyl flooring, you will also come across the terms SPC and WPC. SPC stands for stone plastic composite, the core that gives this flooring its incredible durability and rigid ability to maintain its form over uneven surfaces. WPC or wood-plastic composite is enhanced with a foaming agent making it slightly softer underfoot.  

When installing a “floating” floor it is important to know the installation process as well as the floors limitations. With any “click together “or interlocking installation system there is a tolerance in how level your sub-flooring must be for the flooring to properly function. Luckily these waterproof products are also available in glue-down systems; this installation technique is perfect for high foot traffic, uneven and concrete subfloors.   

Why is luxury vinyl flooring so popular?  While many floor options boast water resistance, luxury vinyl products are fully waterproof, making them ideal in all rooms, especially kitchens and bathrooms. The use of high quality digital photography has changed the flooring industry, allowing homeowners to have the look of natural wood and stone products while not losing the ease of mind that comes with durability and easy care and cleaning.  

How do you choose the right luxury vinyl flooring? Our Room to Explore system makes it so simple. Choose the color and texture that is right for you and look for our H20 symbol, guaranteeing the product is 100% waterproof. Next let our team of experts help you decide on the right core and installation system that is best for your home and lifestyle.  

We offer professional measuring; consultation and installation services, we even offer an exclusive Adore Your Floor Guarantee to make sure you are completely satisfied with your choice.  Come into our showroom at 801 Business Loop 70 East or explore our products at

Michele Batye
Michele Batye

Michele Batye is a female entrepreneur and Certified Missouri Women’s Business Owner of Flooring America, a locally owned full service flooring center offering a diverse range of flooring options for both retail and commercial markets.

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