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A Moment to Reflect

A Moment to Reflect

  • "A Moment to Reflect" originally appeared in the April 2024 "20 Under 40" issue of COMO Magazine.
Erica Pefferman

This last week has been filled with opportunities to really reflect on what we are doing at COMO Companies and why. Sometimes in the rush of schedules, the stress of budgets, and the general responsibilities that come with owning a business, the effect of my work can become overshadowed, and I can feel overwhelmed. While sharing how tired and clouded I felt lately with someone I love, I was reminded of the impact we do have on this community, and it warmed my heart and rejuvenated my spirit.  

While presenting at One Million Cups recently, I received feedback on how the magazine is experienced by other members of our community and business owners. One woman who had recently moved to Columbia stayed after to let me know that our publication was the only one she kept when she finished reading it. It wasn’t just the photos — which I would expect, as we spend so much time and energy making sure they are striking. It was all of it … the authentic stories of Columbia, the reflection of diversity and inclusion, and the general connection to what was her new home.  

I recently sat on a panel with other traditional media leaders for Leadership Columbia and was asked about what we do to remain relevant in a time when some people think print is dead, and how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. The answer is that while national print publications are struggling, hyper-local publications are still successful.

Not only do we have a hyper-local focus that can be found in few other places, but we have a deep commitment to producing great content that has journalistic integrity featuring the work of several different photographers and writers that allow the magazines to reflect different perspectives. We publish every month regardless of what is happening, including and especially during COVID when our mission has never been more important … to keep the community connected. In our magazines, we will always commit to having fewer than 50 percent of our pages as ads. Anything paid for in our magazine will be clearly marked so you can trust the intention behind it.

We will talk about issues that are hard like affordable housing, policing, and mental health. We will also deliver this straight to your mailbox so that you don’t have to pick it up in a stack sitting around somewhere.  

Those are the reasons that the stories you’ll see in this issue are reflective of the very people that make up our community in all its beautiful differences. 20 Under 40 has remained a way for us to continue to honor those who are using their time, talent, and treasure to make Columbia better for all of us. They have been artists, teachers, firefighters, police officers, nonprofit leaders, business owners, and even tattoo artists. In this issue, you’ll find stories catching up with those from the past as well as featuring our new 2024 class in our sister publication COMO Business Times.  

I do have an ask of you. If you enjoy this magazine, I would like to ask that you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, sign up for our newsletters, encourage your friends to subscribe, share our posts, and send us story ideas. We are committed to reflecting the whole community, and to do that, we need all of you as a part of the process. 

Lastly, I want to thank you for the time you’ve spent reading my thoughts as you hold this magazine in your hand or on your tablet or computer. I know you could be using this time for many things, so I don’t take it lightly you have chosen to spend it with us. Happy spring, my friends!  

 All my best,  

Erica Pefferman
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