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Publisher’s Letter: Up in Here Making Changes

Publisher’s Letter: Up in Here Making Changes

  • This story originally appeared in the March 2024 innovation and technology issue of COMO Magazine.
Jodie Jackson Jr and Kim Ambra at 20U40 in 2023

I love change! I am the personality type that thrives on trying new things and just winging it! I’m constantly dreaming up new events, looking for new content for the magazines, trying out new software systems and new technologies. And my team does such a great job at keeping up with our constantly changing environment, even if they’re not always as excited in the beginning as I may be.

I strive to make the best decision with the resources and information I have at the time, and I am never afraid to make another decision quickly when things inevitably change. However, this should not be confused with believing that I’m an early adopter of technology. It’s odd being the one who knows how all of the big brother AI enhanced targeted marketing works but needs my 16-year-old daughter to reprogram the remote control to the TV. Just a couple of weeks ago, I set up multiple screens in my office. I mean, using my laptop and two monitors has been life-changing for working! It takes this ADD riddled brain to a very large next step! How have I not had this magical NASA-like setup before in my life? 

The interesting thing about innovation is that by its very nature it brings with it change and closing of chapters. Even when it’s exciting, it can mean leaving something behind to pursue new opportunities. Our editor of four years, Kim Ambra, is welcoming change into her own life and pursing a new career in event management with Cooper’s Ridge. We have had a great partnership with Cooper’s Ridge over the years and wish her the very best in her future endeavors.

This transition has provided us the opportunity to promote our digital editor, Jodie Jackson Jr, a long serving mid Missourian journalist, to our editor position. I’m thrilled to have his long history of all things Columbia at our helm. Like me, he has his own unique mixture of knowledge and appetite for innovation. He can tell you a very detailed story from 1972 about local politicians at the time while adjusting the pens in his pocket protector and immediately follow it up with his plans for our new podcast and vlog that he wants to do. I am very much looking forward to this partnership. 

As we close out this issue and send it to press, I am struck by the technology and innovation needed to pull this off. COMO Companies as a parent company owns and operates several brands including COMO Magazine, COMO Business Times,, COMO Events, COMO Convos, and COMO Marketing with new ventures always on the horizon.

We run all of this with a small but mighty team of twelve employees and the help of software and technology to keep it running seamlessly. However, at the end of the day, it’s our relationships with our community and you as our readers that help it all stay relevant and successful. If you have ideas on how we can innovate and improve the COMO Magazine experience, I would love to hear from you. 

Erica Pefferman

Erica Pefferman, Publisher
[email protected]

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