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Mattress and Bedding 101 

Mattress and Bedding 101 

What the Home Pros Know with Jake Baumgartner

Pop quiz: What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet? What is the difference between a quilt and a coverlet?  

We’ll get to those answers in just a bit, but first let’s go over a brief introduction to the ABCs of mattress and bedding shopping. Your mattress is just one part of the sleeping equation, because there are also layers to consider: not just in your mattress, but also in your mattress cover, accent pillows, blankets, sheets, shams, and that top cover or bedspread, which might be a comforter, a duvet, or a quilt. Those stylish layers can match your personal vibe to turn your bedroom sleeping space into a serene oasis. 

Feeling comfortable in your bed is not everything. It’s the only thing. 

Your mattress should fit like it was made for you. On average, you spend one-third of your life on your mattress. No other piece of furniture in your house is used as much as your bed. A mattress set with the right comfort and support for your body can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. Find the right comfort in a mattress and get the deep, restorative sleep you need to start the day. 

Let’s take a quick look at Mattress Shopping 101 by style, size, and comfort. 

  • Baumgartner’s classifies its mattresses into three category types: Innerspring, a traditional mattress with a coil support system and layers of foam to give comfort; foam — memory foam or Tempur-Pedic foam; and hybrid — a combination of innerspring and foam (mainly 50/50). 
  • There are also four designations of comfort layers: Ultra firm; firm; medium; and soft. 
  • Shopping by size offers customers a wide range from Twin/Single, Double/Full, Queen and Split Queen, to King, Split King, Cal King, and Split Cal King. Styles also include adjustables, pillow top, tight top, Euro top, and more.  

When it comes to bedding, be sure you’re taking into consideration temperature and comfort fluctuations of the changing seasons. If your bedding starts to look stale, change it up for the transition from winter to spring and then from summer to fall. You can easily switch up throw blankets and accent pillows to reflect changing styles and seasons. Changing bedding is so simple. You can find stylish bedding accents in the showroom that will carry you through every season. 

Now for those quiz answers: 

  • A coverlet is the lightest bed topper, although they do come in different weights. Usually quilted or woven, a coverlet is non-reversible and is usually placed on top of a thicker bedspread as an extra layer during cold weather or just for decoration.  
  • A duvet is probably the most versatile bedspread option because you have so many options in weight and style, and it can replace other sheets and blankets. Usually filled with feathers or down, duvets can be put into removable covers of any color or pattern you like.  
  • A quilt is made up of a layer of batting sandwiched between two pieces of cloth. They make a great in-between option for spring and fall. 
  • A comforter is the thickest bedspread, although they too are available in different weights. Comforters are sometimes quilted and filled with down, wool, batting, or even silk. 

Sleep is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle and the team at Baumgartner’s is committed to helping you make the very best decision for you.  

Happy snoozing! 

Jake Baumgartner of Baumgartner's Furniture

Jake essentially grew up in the furniture industry, as he is the fourth generation involved in Baumgartner’s Furniture. Working very closely with his father, Alan, Jake has been devoted to the stores full-time since 2004. His greatest enjoyment, however, still comes from working closely with the customers. He is married to Sarah, and they have two active boys, Noah and Laine. Jake received his degree in finance from Saint Louis University.

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