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We’re Ready for a New Year and New Trends 

We’re Ready for a New Year and New Trends 

What the Home Pros Know with Jake Baumgartner

The signs of the winter holiday seasons are all around as time marches on toward a new year. As you might guess, all the home fashion and interior design magazines are touting what styles will be all the rage in 2024. We’ve seen headlines like “The Ten Living Room Trends Everyone is Talking About” and “Everyone Loves These 4 Bold Color Choices.” 

You see the theme there, right? “Everyone.” We don’t want to minimize the latest trends and styles, and it’s always a clever idea to make sure your living space reflects modern themes and touches — but let’s avoid feeling coerced to embrace what “everyone” is latching onto.  

The associates at Baumgartner’s Furniture are always eager to help you explore those emerging trends and the newest styles, but you’ll also discover that our team will lead the charge in advocating for you to be … Yourself. 

With that in mind, let’s go ahead and look at those trends that “everyone” is trying and talking about. If you find a subtle nugget of creativity or a fully formed “aha!” epiphany, be sure to let us know and then discover how we can expertly make your vision come to life in your home, your space — your sanctuary. 

Using a single hue for a room is out. In 2024, color schemes that mix and match shades and tones, with gradual blending rather than harsh distinctions are front-and-center for top designers from furniture and bedding to walls and trim.  Think of it this way: instead of separate colors, consider choosing tones of color, such as warm color palettes with accents of cool tones. A dynamic mix can create a settling if not serene ambience.  

And here’s the magic of how your furniture choices can make all the difference in the living room, the dining room, or the kitchen. Rather than change the wall and trim colors, add a new sectional or recliner — new bench-style dining room or breakfast nook seating — with more subtle hues without being too bold or not bold enough. Soft with warm; bold shades with restrained color.  

Baumgartners Interior Stylish Living Room
Baumgartners Interior Stylish Living Room

Those are among the 2024 images that are already developing for the coming new year. 

Look to the online Etsy shops for this revelation: The most-searched terms on that platform in 2023 were “eco-friendly” and “sustainable.” What does that mean for your furniture layout and accessories? 

Expect to see an emphasis on rustic textures, as well as styles and design that give a nod to the natural world. Just imagine bringing the serenity of a quiet forest into your living space without bringing the forest inside. What is the quickest and most subtle way to achieve that environment? 

We’re already seeing this with softer lines and organic shapes within building plans and architecture. That happens with gentle curves (a new loveseat, perhaps?) and those softer edges that fit a multitude of spaces (dining room bench seating rather than traditional chairs).  

Character over cookie-cutter. We love this concept, and it gets us back to our previous advice to “just be you” rather than trying to match the latest Pinterest or Tik-Tok craze. (Of course, go ahead and find inspiration from those platforms, but be sure to modify the cookie cutter to create the space and arrangements that are unique to you.) 

One designer has predicted more individuality — such as artisanal pieces over mass-produced elements — and more use of outdoor ambience like pine and bold fabric patterns. 

A serene yet playful space. That’s always going to be the aim for our home if we intend to create and protect our space as a sanctuary from everything “out there.” Just don’t get too hung up on making sure it matches what “everyone” is doing. In the end, the most important style trend is the approach that you take to be uniquely you. 

Jake Baumgartner of Baumgartner's Furniture

Jake essentially grew up in the furniture industry, as he is the fourth generation involved in Baumgartner’s Furniture. Working very closely with his father, Alan, Jake has been devoted to the stores full-time since 2004. His greatest enjoyment, however, still comes from working closely with the customers. He is married to Sarah, and they have two active boys, Noah and Laine. Jake received his degree in finance from Saint Louis University.

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