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Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets for a Fresh, New Look 

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets for a Fresh, New Look 

What The Home Pros Know with Jaclyn Rogers

Kitchen cabinets can dramatically transform the look and feel of your kitchen space. If you have good quality kitchen cabinets, but ones that have seen better days, re-painting is a great option to give your space a new look at an affordable price and in half the time it takes to replace them. (And at far less cost.) 

You already know that the pros at Ai Painting Plus are champions for DIY’ers, and painting your cabinets is a task you can take on yourself. Here’s a brief review of things to consider and pitfalls to avoid if that’s the route you take. 

What is your budget? Yes, generally painting your cabinets is more cost-effective than replacing them. If you have to remove the cabinet doors, drawers, hinges, and hardware, take care that they will still fit and aren’t damaged or discolored. (Fixing those “oops” can be very expensive.) 

What material are your cabinets made from? There are different paint application procedures and supplies for solid wood, stainless steel (plain or powder-coated), or engineered wood. Test in an inconspicuous spot to be sure the paint won’t easily flake or chip. This is especially vital for kitchen durability and use. 

What is the finish on your cabinets? Most stains and polyurethane finishes can be covered over but you may run into issues if you’re going from a painted finish to a stain. To remove latex paint, you will need to sand the cupboards first. If that’s the case, refacing the cabinets with new doors might be a better option. 

It’s much easier to darken a light finish than it is to lighten up a dark paint or stain without primer. 

What’s your kitchen Plan B? Your cabinet painting DIY project will take time and will likely make the kitchen off-limits or simply limited for a few days. If you’re painting the inside of the cupboards, that means moving your dishes and utensils to another room. 

Just be sure you’re dedicating enough time to this cool project. (This isn’t something to take on the day before the family and guests arrive for Thanksgiving dinner.) 

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great solution for anyone who’s interested in a cosmetic update.  

Take no shortcuts. Be sure to use high-quality paint, properly clean and prime the cabinets, and follow the best painting techniques for a professional-looking finish that you’ll love just much a year from now as you love it today. Your time and money spent will be a great investment if you avoid taking shortcuts. 

On second thought … Instead of the DIY option, consider the benefits of hiring a professional painting company instead. For that decision, make sure to cover these bases. 

  • Expertise and experience. Is this a project the company has done and can show results for? 
  • Time and efficiency. You already know this may be time-consuming and you’d rather not try to fit it into your schedule or be without a usable kitchen any longer than necessary. How much time will it take? 
  • Attention to detail. You want a smooth, flawless finish, which requires not just expertise but also the right tools and techniques to achieve high-quality results. 
  • Proper preparation. Professionals know how to prep the cabinets, which includes cleaning, sanding, and priming to create the smooth surface and finish that you desire. 
  • Insurance and warranty. Reputable painting contractors have liability insurance and may offer warranties on workmanship. Insist on that peace-of-mind factor from your pro. 

Quality workmanship, quality products, experience, and expertise are the essential qualities you’ll find with Ai Painting Plus. Contact us today to schedule your free,
in-home consultation. 

Jaclyn Rogers

Jaclyn Rogers, sales representative at Ai Painting Plus, sees paint as more valuable than simply being an accent in a home. “We are painting joy into people’s homes,” she says. Jaclyn is certified as a Psychological Color Expert, which means she has demonstrated mastery in specifying interior paint in residential applications. 

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