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Golden Aura Boutique + Intimates

Owned by Billie Stock and Zach Johnson, Golden Aura Boutique + Intimates will open this summer at Crossroads Shopping Plaza. The boutique offers a variety of self-care essentials and is mainly focused on lingerie and intimate apparel for women. “We champion self-love and celebrate diversity: all sizes, shapes, and shades are welcome within,” Billie said. Located next door to the owners’ photography studios, Boudoir by Billie and ZK Imagery, Golden Aura Boutique + Intimates hopes to support women in their creative endeavors “in one collective space” and offers items from women-owned businesses around the world. When Billie and Zach first met five years ago, they felt the city was missing something that their inclusive store could fill. Billie said she is excited to learn and grow with the new business and remind customers of “how beautiful and powerful they are as they are – without giving into the pressures of societal ‘norms’ of beauty.”

2101 W Broadway Ave., Ste. #208
(573) 445-5342

Trifecta Massage and Bodyworks

Mersadie Root opened Trifecta Massage and Bodyworks in COMO in early June. The new massage facility is known for its structural assessment and deep tissue work, and it also offers other services such as cupping, hot stones, and trigger point therapy. Mersadie said she loves working with the local community and helping “them decipher what bad habits they may have established, and I inform them of the steps that they should take to correct these habits.” Mersadie brings 16 years of experience in this field to her new business, and she hopes to create a safe and positive work environment for her staff and to “better serve the community and help people feel and live their best lives.”

1511 Chapel Hill Rd., Ste 103

Krustaceans Seafood COMO

Located in downtown COMO across from The Blue Note, Krustaceans Seafood is “a fast-casual, counter service restaurant specializing in fresh, carefully prepared seafood meals served with a smile.” The restaurant opened in May and is known for its low-country seafood boil — including snow crab, shrimp and lobster — as well as seafood mac and cheese and fried lobster tail on a red velvet waffle. Krustaceans Seafood is owned by Paulitta Smith; Darrell Brown; Les and Kennette Maginely; Dionne Vaughn; Nichole Lucas, and mother and son pair and MU alumni Monique and Marcus Lucas. All the owners wanted to contribute to the COMO community and leave a mark on a town special to them. The group said they offer “a restaurant that brings diversity to downtown Columbia’s array of eateries,” and they look forward to connecting with the town through school and athletics partnerships, sponsorships, and promotions.

22 N. Ninth St. 

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