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Downsizing Those Decorations

Downsizing Those Decorations

Whether you have a freshly emptied nest, are looking to cut costs, or simply want a change of pace, the act of downsizing can be liberating. 

Downsizing is both a physical and emotional cleansing process. It is an opportunity to purge those items that are no longer needed and are simply collecting dust while helping you emotionally adjust to a dramatic change. 

When I help clients through these types of transitions, the items that frequently make the cut list are holiday decorations. When storage is limited, annual decor’s priority is minimalized, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t transform your space into a holiday wonderland.

The following are a few of my favorite tips for decorating during the holidays after you’ve downsized:

Focus on Fresh
Perishable items make excellent decor and require no storage. Adorn your house with squash, pumpkins, and mums in the fall; poinsettias, garland, wreaths, and holly in the winter; tulips and colored eggshells in the spring; and extravagant fruit displays in the summer.  

Go Neutral
Ditch the pumpkin, egg, heart, and Christmas tree-patterned napkins and tablecloths and opt instead for a festive neutral. Colors like gold and white beautifully accent the decor of all seasons and will save you significant space and money. 

Use Your Walls
Ditch the Christmas tree and hang lights along your floorboards and doorways, or perhaps display your holiday cards on a wall using removable adhesive. 

The opportunities are limitless. 

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