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CoMo Famous: Why I Chose “Dirty Dancing”

CoMo Famous: Why I Chose “Dirty Dancing”

Erica Pefferman shares the thought behind her movie choice.

When the Ragtag Film Society asked me to pick a favorite movie, it was really hard for me. I immediately wanted to screen The Devil Wear’s Prada because Miranda is a bit of my evil side persona. It would have been so much fun, but alas, the production house powers that be said, “No no!”

I then struggled between picking Crash or American History X, thinking that if I was going to go serious, I wanted it to be one of these two. I settled on American History X and felt really good about it. Then … a boy (of all people … insert eye roll here) said he thought I’d pick something else. When I asked him what that was and he told me, I immediately knew I needed to call an audible. He was right! A late night text to Barbie Banks got the ball rolling, and I soon received permission to screen Dirty Dancing

There are many reasons I love “Dirty Dancing.” Personally, I’m a hardcore romantic. I love stories of the underdog winning and the plain girl getting the boy. But, this film is also the first time I had witnessed an example of deep platonic love between two members of the opposite sex, a theme that has been really important in my life. The film also wrestles with the concepts of reproductive rights, classism, changing of the ages, aging gracefully, and being willing to stand up to people important to you that have different opinions than you. It’s also soooo 80’s and soooo much fun! What girl doesn’t swoon at Johnny Castle?!

At the end of the day though, I hope you buy a ticket and make a donation because you understand how important Ragtag Film Society is to our community. We are blessed beyond anything most Columbians can comprehend to have this treasure in our community.

Some may see a tiny theater that doesn’t serve popcorn with butter on it. (Really??!! C’mon now. Gimme the butter!!) But I see a small company that is nestled in our town, but known worldwide. I see the efforts of those that are passionate about film, music, culture, and our community, and I’m inspired by it.

Will you join me for my film on October 1? If so, please buy your ticket here.

If you can’t make it, I’m also very happy to accept checks for donations.

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