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Mixing it Up: Gin & Tonic

Mixing it Up: Gin & Tonic


This crazy weather is messing with my mood! I love living in Missouri because I love experiencing all four seasons, but I am more than ready for spring this year! So, what do I do when it’s chilly enough to sit by the fire, but I am really ready for spring? I make a cocktail that reminds me of green grass, fresh air, blooming flowers, and sitting on the patio.

As usual, I am taking a traditional cocktail and giving it my twist. I love elderflower liqueur, so I am always looking for ways to add this delightful ingredient to my favorite cocktails, and adding to a Gin & Tonic is so, so good! For those of you who just know that you don’t like gin, I want to challenge you to find a gin that leans towards botanical and floral. You would not believe the range in gin profiles! I was not a big gin drinker myself, but once I found the profile I like, I fell in love. I love, love, love a good gin cocktail.

Your favorite gin + a good tonic (don’t go super cheap here) + elderflower liqueur = AMAZING!

I am going to call this one, Sitting By the Fire Enjoying Some Sunshine in My Glass!

1.5 oz gin

1 oz elderflower liqueur

¼ fresh lime

¼ fresh orange


Add gin and elderflower to a glass with ice, squeeze lime and orange into the glass. Top with tonic and stir.


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