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Meet Lydia Melton, Gunter Hans

Meet Lydia Melton, Gunter Hans

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What is your area of expertise?

You know how some beers are really hard to find? I hunt rare European beers and put them on tap. So customers can enjoy unique and exceptional beers the way they’re meant to be savored.

How long have you been with this company?

I founded Gunter Hans 4 year ago.

To what do you attribute your success?

By accepting that success is never owned; it’s only rented- and the rent is due every day.

From what do you draw strength?

God. The greatest tragedy ever told is that this life ends in nothing. That it was all for nothing. I don’t believe that and that alone gives me strength.

What strengths do you bring to those around you?

It’s hard to be certain, but I pray it’s vision, hope and the belief that anything can be done when you stop making excuses.

What inspires you?

Art- which sort of makes me a hypocrite. As an analytical person, I really struggle watching people pay an unfathomable amount for an art degree because I don’t see the financial ROI; but there’s something to be said about creating something truly beautiful. Something so exquisite it brings joy and value to another person’s life.

How have other women impacted your life?

How have they not?! Aside from the obvious superwoman-type folk, many women act as role models behind the scenes. When faced with unparalleled workloads and family affairs, we serve as striking examples that you can do it. Not only that, but when times get tough, (and they will get tough) we are so quick to support each other. We’re not all perfect, and most of us may be unsung heroes, but it’s our cumulative efforts towards everyday activities that make our impact on society extraordinary.

On a typical weeknight, we could find you doing what?

Reading. For someone that owns a bar, I’m pretty nerdy at night.

What advice would you give to a younger version of you?

Stop worrying and just do it. Think it through, but recognize that worry is nothing more than interest paid on a debt you may never owe.

Anything else?

Grab a glass of wine, beer, whatever it is you enjoy and make sure you’re taking time for you. Life goes by so fast and it would be a shame to miss it.

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