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Weddings: Dodging Day-of Disasters

Weddings: Dodging Day-of Disasters

Preparing for the unexpected.

You’ve survived the planning process and coordinated every detail. Now come the day-of disasters that may or may not make an appearance on your big day.

The key is to be prepared, give thought to all these items, and then get back to the pretty and fun things about weddings. I generally see three types of emergencies that can threaten your wedding day: weather, wardrobe, and health.

Working with Weather

I find that Mother Nature will either bless you with a beautiful day or shake her angry fist at your wedding — there is no in-between.  Weather is always changing, so do not start making big decisions based on a 10-day forecast. Wait until five days out, then start considering all your plans. Plan A, of course, is that everything goes exactly how you’ve imagined.  When it doesn’t, have an alternative option that doesn’t involve everyone getting soaked.

Having a tent wedding? Well, with rain comes lightning. Did you know it’s unsafe to be under a tent if lightning is within five miles? That goes for your vendors too, so be prepared with an actual structure that can hold your guests.

Also with rain comes wet and soggy surfaces. While putting flooring down in your tent is extreme, consider plywood in main traffic areas — walkways, bars, and under your head table.

Our other big weather villain is heat. If your wedding day forecast calls for high temps, no matter your venue, it’s important to take care of your guests. Have water and fans available, and double check that the venue has the AC running. For large crowds, turn the air down to somewhere between 58 and 65 degrees.

A Tear, Stain, or Worse

Yes, accidents happen, so be ready. Put together a quick emergency kit with these essentials: sewing kit, double-sided tape, safety pins of all sizes, Tide stick, extra tie, blister Band-Aids and regular Band-Aids, Kleenex, bobby pins, hair ties, and floral pins.

These items will cover anything that comes your way. After making your emergency kit, put someone else in charge. You’re the couple; it should not be in your hands!

Prepared Care

This last emergency is the most serious. The reality of weddings is that those closest to you, including your elderly family members, push themselves, doing everything they can to make the day perfect. While a health emergency is rare, it does happen, and you need to be ready.

Answer these quick questions: Does your venue have a defibrillator? Is there a guest you’re particularly worried about? Let your venue manger know and consider things to help your guests, like easy seating or golf carts to move around. Also, have the nurses and doctors on your guest list in the back of your mind.

There you have it, the top day-of disasters to dodge. Happy wedding season!

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