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Planning for the Holidays with Pets

Planning for the Holidays with Pets



Every year, it feels like December is so far off — and then, all at once, here we are. In my profession, December is crazy busy and typically stressful. The holidays are that way for everyone, really, so planning for your pets can be really helpful to you and to them.

If you’re going on a vacation without your pet, I highly recommend advance scheduling, no matter what pet-watching service you’re using. Reservations are key this time of year, and spots will fill up fast. If you are using a pet boarding facility, please allow your pet some time to adjust to that environment. If you’ve never left them before, the holidays are a difficult time to start — everyone else is going out of town and leaving their pets for boarding too. It will be extremely busy, and this can add to your pet’s stress level, which will already be high because of leaving you for the first time. I recommend starting with at least one night’s stay as a trial, to show your pet that you will be back. If you make it fun for him or her, you’ll both undoubtedly benefit.

Schedule your pet’s grooming in advance as well. At The Pet Fair, we ultimately want all our clients to look great for the holidays, and we’ll work hard to get everyone in. Please be flexible with us and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

Holiday safety for your furry family member is also important. Treats from the table are a no-no; drinking from the Christmas tree water can cause upset tummies. Make sure the tree is anchored well, especially if you have cats who like to climb. Tinsel can cause obstructions if ingested, and no mistletoe or holly, as it’s poisonous to pets. It also helps to have a safe, quiet place for your pet to go where they can get away from all the holiday fun.

If you can think ahead, you’ll have a wonderful, stress-free holiday season for you and your pet!


We asked you for your pet’s cutest holiday attire. You shared:

brooklyn-dogThis is Brooklyn Crawford in her snowman costume. She’s a 3-year-old Yorkshire terrier. What a bundle of cuteness!

-Submitted by Tessa Crawford





charlie-dogThis is Charlee, and he’s all ready for winter. By the priceless look on his face, you can tell he’s thrilled that cooler temperatures are on their way…but he’s prepared with his stylish brown-plaid flannel hat and scarf! Charlee is a full-blooded miniature Dachshund and steals the hearts of everyone he meets.

-Submitted by Renee’ Cosner

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