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Simply Southwest

Simply Southwest

Let’s be honest, when you hear the word “theme” you tend to cringe. This is likely due to the fact that we have all been to one too many horribly executed theme parties in our lifetime. Hosts that depend heavily on themes usually count on the theme as being the main source of entertainment which tends to result in one of the following scenarios:

1.       A party that is over-themed and you feel like your senses are being attacked

2.       A party is under-themed and the result is, well, awkward


When it comes to design, the word theme is a looser term for designers. The idea of a theme helps us to determine what color schemes, patterns, textures, etc. that someone will likely like. It doesn’t mean we are going to cover your room from floor to ceiling in anchors if you tell us you like a nautical feel.


Themes provide a starting point and are inspiring.

To demonstrate the way a theme can influence a room I am going to give you tips and tricks for creating a subtle southwestern-inspired room.

1.       Fill the room with neutral colored furniture. This will help reflect the light to give the room a bright, airy feel.

2.       Incorporate subtle patterns by utilizing throw pillows or accent furniture such as ottomans

3.       Add a natural touch by using stones and branches

4.       Utilize rustic fabrics such as burlap

5.       Add artistic touches with woven hanging baskets and sculpted animal skulls

6.       Add leather elements such as a an elegant leather accent chair



Anne Tuckley


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