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Power to the People

Power to the People

What is it like to live a powerful life?
And what happens when we don’t?

Imagine your life without power. Sense what it feels like when we give away our power. What happens when we don’t access and live in our own healthy, personal power? The kind of power I am referring to is our inner compass, inner strength, and authenticity: that energy that grounds you and empowers you as you move in the direction of purpose.

Are we living the full life that was intended for us? Are we on point with our mission in life? Are we joyful and satisfied? My guess is your answer will be that the life you intended is not the life you are living.

When we are at the root of our power and coming from that space, we are congruent with our values and living in integrity. We are closer to wholeness. Outside pressures and factors have less impact because we are grounded in our authenticity.

We are able to create and inspire because it’s real. We are real. It is not simply something made up to manipulate or dominate. Without being in our personal power, we can be vulnerable to other people’s agendas, living a life that other people desire for us. And, if we feel powerless, it can drive us to feel the need, out of fear and doubt, to control.

A car without power can roll down a hill, but it can’t climb to the peak of a mountain. So goes the way of a human lacking his or her power. We have the opportunity to make dynamic decisions, change course in our life, stand our ground — it is in this space that we enhance our lives. When we reach for the internal personal power that aligns us with our true self, our authentic self, it is here we experience valuable shifts in our lives. This, in turn, aligns us with our true capacity, our competent self, so we truly can climb to the peak of our personal mountains. Living a powerful life guides us to new heights and new vistas, and this life can provide a sense of peace and fulfillment.

When coming from the root of our power, we are connected to our spiritual self, our inner voice. It allows us to release fears about moving into our genuine place in life, not feeling alone, and having a support system. Also, unlike other support systems, this one is with us 24 hours a day!

Healthy power leads to self-discipline and clarity, producing personal freedom and grace to live a worthwhile life. Power may not always bring the results we want immediately; however, it will keep us grounded and centered in our authentic self. This will give us the daily needed encouragement and foresight to truly reach our goals.

Call in your power. Call home your strength. Awaken this attribute that dwells in each and every one of us.

Stay tuned. In the next issue, we will look at power versus control.

3 Ways to activate your Personal Power

  1. Speak up for yourself.
  2. Exert your willpower and self-control.
  3. Muster the courage to do something that scares you.
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