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Life Gives you Lemons

Life Gives you Lemons

Written By: Columbia Home Blogger, Jayme Dement

Drink lemonade, it’s more fun!

I wonder sometimes when I watch how people live their lives or hear them “discussing” the woes of the world if they are lemons or lemonade…and I also wonder do I which am I? I believe myself to be a lemonade maker most days, but it’s easy to walk on the sour side too!

Negative people are typically depressed or unhappy with what they have. They are always searching for more and bring others to their negative state of mind. Do you allow others to do this to you? Do you have a friend, spouse or relative that is like this? When you join their negative world, you give them control…you allow them to control how you feel. I don’t know about you, but I want to be happy and enjoy life to its fullest!
So, how do you do that…make yourself happy? Is it truly as easy as deciding “Today, I am going to be happy” yes it is! I think Dr. Phil has a great exercise about Eliminating Your Negative Internal Dialogue. Go through these exercises to see if you are creating a toxic environment, or are you a productive optimist? You can also follow these steps to help you stay in a positive mindset and be thankful:

1) My boss told me once to wake up each morning and think about all the good you have in your life…in the morning, before you ever get out of bed, remember your blessings and be thankful for them. Each of us were given far more than we deserve, and if you look for them you will find your blessings…some are financial, but many are family, friends and health.
2) Be real – Being authentic is genuine and pure. Not pretending to be something you are not is huge and you will gain strides with yourself and in the world…people will love you for your “realness” and will know where they stand with you.
3) Take time for yourself! I’m sure some of my friends are laughing at me right now…because I do not do this enough. Make “Mommy Time” a priority on your calendar…and for heaven’s sake, go to the bathroom by yourself!! Take a walk, get a massage, exercise, talk to a friend…all are easy ways to take care of YOU! Do you remember the movie Legally Blonde, where Elle Woods (Reece Witherspoon) defends Brooke Taylor Windham (Ali Larter) and explains “I just don’t think that Brooke could’ve done this. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” When I am in the middle of a long run or grueling workout, I remember this…and it makes me smile!
4) Find enrichment activities. Learn to paint or make a craft; learn about your local community. The more you know, the more you understand. You can use this time as an escape.
5) Have good friends and thank them for their friendship! Sometimes, good friends are hard to come by, but the best friendships happen naturally. There are just some people who you bond with and make your life better because you know them. I have old friend, new friends, church friends, business friends, community friends and my kids’ friends moms as friends…I cherish each of my friends and hope that I am as good of a friend to them as they are to me!
6) Volunteer – Giving back to your community is such a fulfilling experience. Time is precious to everyone, but doesn’t cost anything. Most organizations want/ need your time. Contact an organization and volunteer, take your family or some girl friends and make it fun!
7) Mentor. I will have to say, I have been so fortunate in my lifetime to have had several wonderful mentors. Some have been bosses or colleagues and some are just other moms who have shared their experiences with me. Either way, they have all shared and guided me and I am ever grateful for that.
8) Eat Healthy – Giving your body what it needs to work properly and giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep you going is so important. Not only will your body work better, you will feel better and who doesn’t want to feel better?!?
9) Treat yourself to something special every-now-and-then. If it’s a piece of chocolate or your favorite ice cream…or even those shoes you have wanted for weeks, treating yourself will help you with your mission to be happy!
10) Last, but not least, make a commitment to being HAPPY! Life is a gift, enjoy it! When you are committed to being a happy person, you are more likely to be happy.
Friends, this is defiantly not the “perfect” list or the “best” list out there, but it is what I know to be true for me and my life. Happiness is a choice and I want you to be happy too! I ask that you promise to be happy, happy people are prettier, smarter and way more fun!

I am enough…click to watch this video…

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