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I still want it!

I still want it!

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Most businesses rarely put on a structured event unless they have something to celebrate, such as a grand opening, anniversary, new location, etc. They see events as costly both in time and money invested. The truth of the matter is that events are excellent marketing opportunities to recognize current clients and attract potential clients. But let’s face it; most businesses do not have the resources available to not only regularly put on an event but put on constant events that will result in a profit rather than a loss. I wish they did. That would be wonderful for my business!

What’s more important than an annual blow-out event for a business is constant client touching (and no, I don’t mean physical touching – calm down HR). Businesses need to get their name and services in front of clients as much as possible, but what is more important than consistency is the quality. You need to make these contacts memorable.

Tactics used in successful event planning are a great starting off point to make yourself memorable. The following are a few questions to ask yourself about your workplace and if you pay attention to these details, it will take your marketing interactions from white noise to memorable recommendations.
The Venue
• Where is your office located?
• How convenient is parking?
• Do you cover your client’s parking costs?
• Do you have clear signage?

• What does your office look like?
• Is it warm and welcoming?
• What colors are you utilizing?
• What image are you trying to sell?
• What does it smell like?

• Why is the client there?
• How comfortable are you wanting the client to be? Do you want them to get in, make a purchase and get out (like fast food) or are you wanting an extended conversation?

A/V & Lighting
• How is the sound quality and acoustics? Are you wanting serene privacy? Boisterous conversation?
• What is the lighting?

Needs & Convenience
• Are the client’s basic needs being met?

Something Extra – the Free s%&*
• What can the client keep that promotes your business?
• How do you make the client feel? Ultimately, people make people happy not things (just look at the pink, unicorn baby tee in your closet).
• What is the perceived luxury/investment? For example, a bottle of water is appreciated but fruit-infused water elegantly displayed is remembered. Both cost roughly the same, but the client knows that the infused water requires additional time and attention to detail, so they leave feeling like the business values them more since they spent more time considering what they would like and preparing.
• How quickly is your client addressed when they enter your office?
It’s pretty simple. People want to be valued, and feeling valued leads to happier customers resulting in greater sales.
Basically, toss in some creativity, excellent customer service and free s%&*, and you will have long-standing clients that will invest in you and refer others to you.

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