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My Secret Place: Eagle Bluffs

My Secret Place: Eagle Bluffs

I’ve been a long time native of Columbia and consider myself a outdoorsman or outdoorswomen–if there’s such a term–and I love Columbia’s hiking and biking trails! It’s one of my favorite things about living here. I thought I had explored just about every trail in Columbia until my ride last week.
The evening started off with a casual bike ride on the Katy Trail near the Route K bike depot, and my goal was to ride to Cooper’s Landing and back. But if all plans were completely followed to a tee, then just think about all the little detours we would be missing out on, right? So, I saw a sign that said “Eagle Bluffs” along the trail and decided to hop off my bike and take foot for a quick exploration. I was glad I did!

Following a small winding path, I’m thinking to myself, “Damn, I forgot the bug spray. I’m going to be loaded with ticks.” But, I decided to keep walking. The path ended shortly, and as I quit looking down for snakes, I looked up to see what looked like a stairway to heaven–lots and lots of stairs that literally go straight up until you see blue sky. By that time, I had completely forgotten about any ticks I might have crawling on me because of how intrigued I was by what was at the top. I started up the wooden stairs, legs burning by time I get to the top, huffing and puffing, but what an amazing view it was!
Eagle Bluffs was the perfect name! As I looked out at eye level to a group of turkey buzzards flying around and landing in a nearby trees around us, I were amazed at how peaceful this secret place was. There was nothing but the natural sounds around. It was  hard to leave. Seldom do we find environments that take us away from our busy, hectic, noise-filled lives and just let us enjoy the peacefulness of the moment. It was the perfect adult “time out.”

Trail guide tip: Take bug spray and a camera! The lookout has a large, wooden platform with sides secure for small children. The hike up would lend itself to older children, unless you want a work out by carrying their body weight and yours to the top. There is a bike rack located right off the trail. The lookout is approximately three to four miles from the bike depot off Route K in McBaine.

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