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Pregnancy Woes

Pregnancy Woes

Ladies, you could be feeling so much better while you are pregnant! You are creating a person, and that is remarkable all on its own. Some of you are also (at the same time) working full-time jobs, taking care of families, keeping a home in order, balancing the million tasks of everyday life and on top of that, pushing through pain and discomfort that doesn’t have to be a part of your pregnancy. Chiropractic care is an easy answer to your discomfort.


We see moms through the entire process. From week one to delivery, you are safe to receive chiropractic care. During pregnancy, there is an almost immediate demand for an increase in red blood cells. Your ribs will begin to flare in order to assist the lungs, which reaches more blood to increase your oxygen supply. While this is another awesome example of how cool the human body really is, it also causes mid-back tension. We often see moms for this issue.
Other issues we help with: pubic symphysis pain (the major discomfort in the front of the pubic bone area), lower back pain, pain in the hips from sleeping on your side, round ligament pain, heartburn, headaches, neck tension…the list goes on and on. Chiropractic care is a safe, natural option that even decreases labor time for moms!

The Process

In case you are wondering how this works once your baby starts to show, I’ll explain. Most chiropractic tables modify. They drop down in the center and lift at the legs creating a space for your belly. We also have pillows designed for pregnancy that allow you to lay face down without putting any pressure on your sweet little one. We also modify the technique. There are some amazing chiropractors in the Columbia area, and we know that as soon as you are pregnant, the hormones in your body impact your joint spaces and gentler treatments will be the best way to go.

Recommended Patients

Chiropractic care can also help babies who are in breech. We do this by analyzing and addressing misalignment in the pelvis and your spine. Once those alignments are corrected, the baby typically corrects itself and turns head down. It is remarkable to see. If you’re interested in researching more about the topic, it is called the Webster Technique.
We also see moms who are high-risk, pregnant with twins, first time moms, third time moms–we love seeing you all because there are so many things that improve when you take great care of your body. Chiropractors have been helping moms have better pregnancies and deliveries for over 100 years now. Try it out, and you will see why I say “I couldn’t imagine going through a pregnancy without chiropractic care!”

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