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Wine Cork Monogram

Wine Cork Monogram

Put those extra corks to use with a simple custom monogram project

Do you have a jar of corks sitting around, waiting for a little craft project? This is an incredibly simple project with just a few supplies, and makes a fabulous custom housewarming, wedding or holiday gift.


• 50-100 wine corks (get to drinking)

• Hot glue gun and about 10 glue sticks

• Enlarged copies of your monogram or shape

• Soda tab


1. Make the template for the letter or shape that you wish to use. I just made a giant “w” and then blew it up on the copier at 200%, and taped the pieces together.  You might want to do this part on cardstock so you can cut the shape out and use as a backing board.

2. Gather your corks and lay them out on the shape to be sure you have enough, and to practice before you get the glue gun going.

3. Begin the gluing! Heat up your glue gun and have plenty of extra sticks ready. One by one, apply a generous amount of hot glue to a cork and firmly press that cork to the previous one. Hold for 15-30 seconds for best results.  Continue on with the remainder of the corks.

4. After the shape is completed, gently flip it over and glue any wobbly spots from the back. I used quite a few glue sticks in the process just to be extra sure that it would stick together.

5. Find yourself a canned beverage and drink it. Now pop the top off, bend it a little, and hot glue it to the back of your cork letter. You might need to use 2 or 3, so you may have to drink another beverage. Darn.

6.  Hang your new monogram proudly!



Gather lots more corks than you think you’ll need. I used about 70 for this project

If you don’t have enough corks, you can cut them all in half with a sharp scissors, and you’ll have double the number!

Go to your favorite watering hole and ask them to save you some corks. They always have plenty, and are happy to see them not go to waste.

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