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Small Business Technology

Small Business Technology

CBT Silicon Valley Award Winner
Mediacom was ranked sixth nationally on Netflix’s list of top Internet service providers and beat out TimeWarner Cable and ATT U-Verse. “Our 30 million members view over 1 billion hours of Netflix per month, so we have very reliable data for consumers to compare ISPs in terms of real world performance,” says Ken Florence, vice president of content delivery at Netflix.

App of the Month
Everyday Health is all about providing a general health reference guide that users can access at any time. The well-designed and easy-to-use general health information application is filled with descriptions about the top 50 health conditions, including allergies, eating disorders, HIV/AIDS, lung cancer, thyroid conditions and yeast infections. The app offers such features as smart health tips for every day of the year, medically reviewed info on the 50 top health conditions and expert answers from doctors and pharmacists.

Featured Tweeter
@Boone Hospital
Keeping the public updated on the latest news, Boone Hospital treats Twitter as a two-way street, tweeting info for its patients and families while responding to public feedback. Recent tweets included congratulations to the OR team for successfully handling their busiest day ever and a note inviting questions about flu season to be answered by Dr. Brian Johnson.

Small Business Technology
Apple continues to simplify keyboards, which leaves number crunchers without the handy number pad. Mobee Magic Numpad is software that combines with a reusable film to turn the Apple Trackpad into an old-school adding machine. The customizable software includes a calculator mode and three different key layouts. For $30, Mobee Magic Numpad is ideal for office mathematicians who don’t want to haul around a bulky full-sized keyboard.

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