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Winning students deliver Android apps in competition

Winning students deliver Android apps in competition

A mobile game that gives players incentives to track, publish and share news has taken the grand prize in the Student Developer Competition put on by Reynolds Journalism Institute.
Five teams of journalism, business and computer science students at the University of Missouri developed mobile apps for the Innovation Division of Hearst Inc. with support from technology partners Adobe, Google and Sprint.
Media Moguls is an Android-based game that lets players build their own game-world digital publication by selecting from among the day’s real-world breaking news and gaining viewership based on the popularity of the stories they select.
Media Moguls was developed by students Bryan Baugher, Amanda Klohmann, Josh Lory, Morgan Mitchell and Matthew Schmertz. RJI Fellow Anne Derryberry, an expert on news game development, and several Hearst executives acted as mentors for the team.
The first-runner up in the fourth annual event was Team Buzz, which invented an app that allows efficient real-time uploading to newspapers and TV stations of photo and video content from reporters in the field and gives the public a way to submit their own news content as it’s happening.
The other three finalist teams came up with apps that:
• allow participants to collaborate, brainstorm and share content related to developing new business ideas while on the go;
• turn improving your fitness into a game; your avatar gains points and power based on your real-world health and fitness behavior;
• help diagnose common maintenance problems and make repair decisions, including decision trees and step-by-step repair instructions, drawn from Hearst content.
Late last year, several RJI student teams selected from a basket of ideas for Android-based mobile apps and then pitched their solutions to judges from RJI, Hearst, Adobe and Sprint in late January. The five chosen finalist teams moved forward with development during the spring 2011 semester, with feedback from Hearst and RJI mentors. Adobe provided the teams with development tools, Sprint helped test the apps during development, and Google offered assistance with Android development.
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