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MU’s Biggest Salaries

MU’s Biggest Salaries

It’s no surprise that the University of Missouri’s head football and basketball coaches and the director of athletics have the highest salaries on the Columbia campus. But President Elson Floyd, who manages the entire UM System, barely cracks the top 10 and chancellor Brady Deaton fails to make it into the top 20.

Gary Pinkel just got a new contract with a guaranteed salary of $1.3 million, no matter how the Tigers perform, and incentives of up to $523,750. But when the new deal starts in January, Pinkel will only be the seventh-highest paid coach in the Big 12 Conference.

The rest of the people on the list, which excludes the University Hospital and Clinics, work in the School of Medicine. Some receive supplemental private donations, which are not included in this list.

On Dec. 13, Washington State University named Floyd the school’s 10th president. As WSU’s president, Floyd will make about $600,000 to run a school with approximately 5,000 fewer students enrolled than MU had in fall 2006.

Floyd’s salary was $382,130 in 2006. Had Floyd stayed at MU for one more year, he would have received $50,000 per year in deferred compensation, according to David Russell, the chief of staff in the president’s office. Floyd also had use of a university car and housing.

The University of Missouri president’s salary is based on the salaries of presidents at other major research universities of similar size, Rex Campbell, chairman of the MU Faculty Council said. For example, the president of the University of Illinois earns $450,000 each year. But Campbell said the UM president’s salary does not measure up, in part because of a lack of support of higher education by Missouri legislators.

“We are not competitive in the sense that most universities of similar size and prestige pay more,” Campbell said. “I’d be shocked if (the university) can get somebody with excellent credentials for less than $600,000.”
MU bases coaches’ salaries on the salaries of other coaches in the Big 12 Conference and sometimes the Big 10 Conference, Campbell said.

The highest-paid football coach in the Big 12 Conference, the University of Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops, earns about $3.4 million a year. College coaches receive not only compensation from their salaries, but also incentives and endorsement deals. Coaches also receive other perks, such as courtesy cars, country club memberships and even apparel from companies like Nike. Alden, Pinkel and Mike Anderson, the men’s basketball coach, even receive a $20,000 discretionary fund.

Anderson, who was hired last April, has a guaranteed salary of $850,000 and up to $565,000 in incentives.

MU’s Top 30 Salaries

1. Gary Pinkel, head football coach
Salary: $1,300,000 guaranteed, plus up to $523,750 in incentives

2. Michael Anderson, head men’s
basketball coach
Salary: $850,000 guaranteed, plus up to $565,000 in incentives

3. William Stephen Eubanks Jr., chairman,
department of surgery
Salary: $600,519.00

4. Jason H. Calhoun, chairman,
orthopaedic surgery
Salary: $531,384.36

5. Bruce J. Ramshaw, chief of the division,
general surgery
Salary: 468,180.00

6. Michael Alden, director of athletics at MU
Salary, plus earned incentives: $456,097.50

7. Hung N. Winn, chairman, department
of obstetrics and gynecology
Salary: $432,806.04

8. Karen Hall Calhoun, chairwoman,
department of otolaryngology
Salary: $413,871.00

9. Robert Churchill, chairman,
department of radiology
Salary: $404,961.60

10. Elson Floyd, UM System president
Salary: $382,130.04

11. Joel O. Johnson, chairman,
department of anesthesiology
Salary: $367,922.04

12. Paul S. Dale, chief of surgical oncology
Salary: 364,920.36

13. Douglas C. Anthony, chairman,
department of pathology and
anatomical sciences
Salary: $362,204.64

14. Jamal Ibdah, chief,
Salary: $357,000.12

15. Kevin C. Dellsperger, chairman,
department of internal medicine
Salary: $345,245.12

16. William M. Crist, dean, School of Medicine
Salary: $338,520.96

17. Walter K. Nichols, professor,
vascular surgery
Salary: $331,877.40

18. Joseph Tobias, professor, anesthesiology
Salary: $329,600.04

19. James S. Scott, professor,
general surgery
Salary: $312,120.00

20. Roger Anibal De La Torre, associate
professor, general surgery
Salary: $312,120.00

21. Charles Linwood Puckett, professor,
plastic surgery
Salary: $309,149.76

22. Karen Edison, associate professor,
Salary: $304,202.04

23. Mainor Antillon, professor,
Salary: $300,000.00

24. Brady Deaton, chancellor, MU
Salary: $288,915.00

25. John F. Best, assistant professor,
clinical medicine – cardiology
Salary: $288,455.88

26. Gregory M. Worscwicz, associate
professor, physical medicine
and rehabilitation
Salary: $282,104.52

27. Mary E. Kussman, assistant professor,
Salary: $275,003.28

28. Pradeep K. Sahota, professor, neurology
Salary: $270,567.00

29. William P. Fay, professor, cardiology
Salary: $270,504.00

30. Barry J. Gainor, professor,
orthopaedic surgery
Salary: $256,919.40

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