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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

What the Home Pros Know with Jake Baumgartner

Is the winter holiday season coming earlier each year? You might have noticed some retailers displaying Christmas decorations along with the Halloween pumpkin and Thanksgiving turkey accessories — even before Labor Day in some stores. (But isn’t it challenging to fast-forward our focus like that, especially when the AC is still running with temperatures in the 80s or low 90s?)

Now that the thermometer is more in line with the holiday season, the team at Baumgartner’s Furniture has some helpful tips for incorporating some just-right touches to make your home ready for holiday entertaining. If the holidays are about uniting with loved ones and sharing in the joys and splendor of the season, why not add the cheery and bright spirit of the holidays into each room? Just a single accent piece can transform a space from ordinary to festive. 

1. Focus on neutrals and metallics

You may feel the need to grab every red and green trinket to accurately portray the Christmas and holiday spirit in your home. However, there are so many other options that will work as well or better with your existing furniture sets and room layouts. Consider that neutral colors and metallic finishes such as silver, gold, or mercury glass can elevate your home’s holiday feel, while also giving your space a soft and sophisticated ambiance.

If you feel the need for something more, add a pop of color. A forest green, deep maroon, or bright blue fits the holiday aesthetic while not overpowering the rest of your home’s holiday decor. Your home remains warm and welcoming while still appearing festive due to a neutral and metallic theme, and you won’t need to rush to change the décor until late winter.

2. Upgrade your greenery

Try dressing up natural-looking ornaments and putting them on display with seasonal flora. Greenery also looks stunning when it’s placed on a mantle or table, surrounded by candles and knickknacks. You can also browse the selections at Baumgartner’s for a complementary side table, recliner, or even bedding that brings out those stunning or subtle changes. Another benefit is foliage like pine or balsam will provide the space with a clean, seasonal fragrance.

3. Think minimalist

Sometimes, less is more. Try swapping out a grand wreath adorned with large bows and sparkles for a thin, eucalyptus wreath either hanging on your front door, over your fireplace, or above the kitchen stove. The key is not to draw too much attention from all your other decor.

Winter Candles Tied With Greenery In Front Of Red Lantern

4. Details, details, details

When it comes to decorating a home or a room, some may tend to get caught up in the big picture. However, devoting attention to minor details can make all the difference. A few suggestions:

  • Creatively tie a collection of seasonal foliage to the backs of dining chairs
  • Asymmetrically place luxury holiday decor to create movement and visual interest
  • Design statement centerpieces for the dining or coffee table

5. Add a rustic flair

Who says holiday decor can’t have a little rustic charm? During the holiday season, it’s all about staying warm and cozy so incorporating some rustic elegance is only fitting. By incorporating just a few of these tips, your home will be ready to host many holiday events. 

After all, creating lifelong memories is one of the greatest gifts of all.

Jake Baumgartner of Baumgartner's Furniture

Jake essentially grew up in the furniture industry, as he is the fourth generation involved in Baumgartner’s Furniture. Working very closely with his father, Alan, Jake has been devoted to the stores full-time since 2004. His greatest enjoyment, however, still comes from working closely with the customers. He is married to Sarah, and they have two active boys, Noah and Laine. Jake received his degree in finance from Saint Louis University.

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