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Happy Single Parent’s Day

Happy Single Parent’s Day

Mother’s Day…it’s a day for celebrating the woman who brought you into this world; the one who kept dad from killing you, even when you probably deserved it; the one who sheltered you from harm whenever she could; and the one who will love you through the good and bad. It’s a deserved day for moms everywhere. Now, let’s talk about what Mother’s Day is like for a single dad.
“Stop telling me Happy Mother’s Day,” I told C. “I’m not a mom. I’m a dad. I want to be a dad.” And it’s not like C doesn’t have a mom. She has a very involved mother, who loves her like I do. Let her have her day. I don’t know who started thinking we should start giving credit on both days to single parents, but here we are.
I also find it funny that we don’t view the mother/mom thing like we do the father/dad. We’ve all heard the “anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad” commercials. Why isn’t it the same for women? I know great moms. I know some good mother’s too. I’m neither, but I think it’s okay for us to accept the difference.

I’m flattered by the recognition from people in regard to my parenting. It makes me think I’m doing something right, but I’m not looking to take away anything from her mom. That’s not fair. I’ve never wanted that, and I certainly don’t now.

I love any time I can get with C, but not on Mother’s Day. It hurts, on some level, if she spends most of the day with me because it’s not my day. She should be able to laugh, play with, hug, and love on her mom that day. Not getting to is a total disservice to her mom. Yesterday wasn’t the easiest for me because her mom time was limited.

Often, single parents have to play both roles. They have to be both mom and dad at their house. It takes a toll on single parents sometimes, but it’s a worthwhile sacrifice. I’m glad I get to be Dad because it’s a unique experience. I get to be a little more daring and more experimental. I don’t have to take the safe route a mom often takes.

I appreciate the sentiment and the love. It’s nice to know people think I’m doing an ok job with my daughter, but stop telling me Happy Mother’s Day. Save it for June when it makes a little more sense.

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