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Agave’s Happy Tail

Agave’s Happy Tail

Cristian Valdivia of Agave restaurant wanted a mini schnauzer for a while. His wish came true on his birthday when he got Coco. “I always had dogs but never one I really wanted,” Cristian says. “I was really excited to get a mini schnauzer.”

A little while later, Cristian and Andrew Jasper decided to adopt another mini schnauzer, Loki. Today, the two dogs are inseparable. They always want the whole family to be together. “When we are in different rooms watching TV, they don’t like the doors to be closed because they like to go back and forth between us,” Andrew says.

Loki and Coco’s favorite toys include elk antlers and a stuffed panda, but they also love to steal socks. “I swear they take turns stealing socks,” Andrew says. “They don’t chew them, just put them in their mouth and lay with them.”

Although the dogs can be a little distracted and stubborn at times, they don’t get into that much trouble. “They are people pleasers,” Andrew says. “They don’t like to be in trouble, so they listen pretty well.”

The family likes watching movies together, though they can’t watch movies with dogs in them. “Coco will bark at the dogs,” Cristian says. “She wants to play with them.”

Coco made friends with Cristian’s 3-year-old nephew at an early age. Cristian says his nephew’s first word was even “Coco.” Loki is not left out either. “They all have play dates with him,” Andrew says. “They nap with him and play with him. It is fun to watch them all play and interact together.”



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