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Satisfying summer sips

Satisfying summer sips

I love the smells of spring and summer – newly cut grass, colorful blossoms, the smell of meat and veggies cooking on a grill, and a warm spring rain. As the weather continues to warm up (hopefully), I can’t help but crave the fresh fruits, veggies and herbs the warm soil brings. Spring and summer are the perfect times for a flavor indulgence of crisp salads, citrus tarts and creamy chilled soups.

As you begin to plan you summer events, picnics, family gatherings, etc., take into consideration the produce that is in season. It will help with your menu planning both in terms of generating ideas and creating a truly tasty meal. Whether you are talented and have your own garden or lack a green thumb like I do, it is hard to resist the nutritiously satisfying tastes of fresh produce. We’ve all had out-of-season produce and although farming, production and shipping methods have drastically improved, you just can’t beat that straight from the garden flavor.

One of my favorite uses of delectable produce is to create infused water. By infusing your water, you create a refreshing and healthy beverage that is artistic enough to suit anything from a casual picnic or an elegant Sunday brunch (plus it is absurdly affordable).

Common ingredients used in infusions are fresh mint, basil, rosemary, berries, citrus fruits and cucumbers, but the opportunities are limitless. Citrus infused water is a healthy, low calorie alternative to lemonades or limeades. Cucumber water, especially when paired with basil, creates a truly refreshing mocktail. I frequently turn to this concoction on very hot days or after working out. Any berry infusion, either alone or paired with herbs, will give you a subtle sweet flavor that pairs deliciously with fresh cheeses. When I am planning an event, I frequently will plan my infusions around my menu. Like wine, infused water can enhance or diminish the taste of your food. For example, grilled veggies pair deliciously with rosemary infused water.

And keep in mind you are not limited to still water. I personally love berry infusions when infused in club soda or mineral water.

Keep infusions in mind as a beverage go-to option for your events. They are delicious, easy to create, affordable, beautiful and they encourage people to drink more water.

For infusion ideas and recipes, check out

Happy hydrating!

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