Fran Patrick - Senior Vice President - COMO Magazine

Fran Patrick

Senior Vice President

[email protected]

  1. What’s your favorite thing to do in COMO?
    Eating & shopping downtown, Mizzou fan!!!
  2. What is your greatest strength and why?
    Problem solving – I use this skill everyday for our clients, team, logistics & future planning. Latest problem I just solved – where to store the margarita machine in our new office!!!!
  3. Guilty pleasure?
    Chocolate, chips, desserts – separately, together doesn’t really matter.
  4. Lifesaving item in your purse/bag/backpack?
    Assortment of gift cards in case I need to shop – currently I have hair, massage, world market & white house black market
  5. Best piece of advice you were ever given?
    Trust your spidey senses
  6. Are you a plant killer or caretaker?
  7. Most bingeable TV show?
    White Queen, White Princess, Spanish Princess, anything about the Royal Family (I am British!!)
  8. Biggest pet peeve?
    Repeating myself – the British accent throws people. Ordering food is complicated ?
  9. What kind of animal do you identify with?
    Red Panda
  10. Are you a Monica, Phoebe, or Rachel (from Friends) and why?
    Would love to be Rachel but I think I am more Monica
  11. What actor would portray you in a movie?
    Meryl Streep – think Devil Wears Prada