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2021 20 Under 40: Ashley Emel

2021 20 Under 40: Ashley Emel

  • Photo by Keith Borgmeyer
Ashley Emel

Chiropractic Physician, Owner, and Principal, Compass Chiropractic and Wellness LLC;
Owner, Cost Cutters and Supercuts of Missouri

As a chiropractic physician and owner of Compass Chiropractic and Wellness LLC, Ashley Emel spends her days helping people flourish. “I love seeing a variety of people and issues,” Ashley says. “It brings a lot of joy when we can help those that are in pain or suffering feel better.”

Ashley takes pride in her extensive training, specifically completing her CACCP, a certification in pediatrics that took several years to complete. This certification took an additional 200 hours in pediatrics training, two papers, and a test — a curriculum she successfully completed while moving two times and after she gave birth to her youngest daughter, Charly. 

This certification is just one of the many accomplishments Ashley has achieved in her career. She also takes pride in the startup and success of Compass Chiropractic and Wellness. The business began as two rooms in another chiropractic office, but less than a year later, the business outgrew the space, and it only continues to grow after the move. In 2014, Ashley began the nutrition side of the practice, which has evolved into helping people in over 20 states address their nutritional needs. Ashley helps wherever she can in whatever community needs her; she regularly goes to Missouri Mennonite communities to help fulfill their wellness needs. She says: “Each Thursday, I go to Sedalia as a satellite day and see dozens of people. This has been on my dream board of things to be able to do the past few years.”

And if running the business and road tripping to Sedalia to help underserved communities wasn’t enough, Ashley also spends time as secretary for True North, serves on the board of The Missouri Symphony, and, for the past three years, has been the co-leader for her oldest daughter’s Girl Scouts troop. 

Ashley credits her family for where she is today. Ashley’s parents and husband always push her to do her best, and her children give her the drive to keep going. “I truly could not be where I am today without my family,” Ashley says. 

Age: 37

Fun Fact: Ashley really dislikes the sound of crinkled bags.

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