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2020 20 Under 40: Sarah Moreau

2020 20 Under 40: Sarah Moreau

  • Photo by Anthony Jinson

Assistant Vice President, Community Outreach Officer, Central Bank of Boone County

Financial literacy is a topic Sarah Moreau is passionate about. So passionate, in fact, that she’s made it her career.

Sarah started working with Central Bank of Boone County when she was 18. “I have worked with Sarah for the past 12 years and know firsthand her drive, commitment, and dedication to whatever she decides to tackle,” says Karen Taylor, executive vice president at the bank. “I have watched her grow in her role, starting as a teller in 2006, working her way through the organization and, most recently, taking on the challenge of starting our new ProsperU program.”

One of Sarah’s proudest professional accomplishments has been launching ProsperU from scratch. “From the initial strategic planning to launch, watching my ideas come to fruition has been incredible,” she says. From determining the three areas of focus (business, personal, and financial) to creating class curriculum, Sarah had a hand in developing every part of the program.

“ProsperU seeks to empower individuals and businesses to achieve financial success through educational programs, workshops, and one-on-one sessions,” says Sarah. “My job involves the coordination of the financial education programming, including curriculum, course scheduling, and providing support to community partners with financial expertise.”

The success of the program is already clear. “I initially had a personal goal to reach 500 attendees in the first year of the program,” says Sarah. “Today, five months since launch, we have had over 1,000 attendees in ProsperU classes and community presentations.”

Her favorite part of her job is getting to teach in both ProsperU and in the community. “One day I’m teaching high schoolers how to write a check, and the next I’m talking with seniors on the importance of recognizing online fraud.”

“Sarah has developed credibility for ProsperU with educators and various other public entities interested in bringing financial education to our diverse community,” says Joe Henderson, president of Central Bank of Boone County.

“I strive every day to extend the program’s reach to as many individuals as possible, knowing what an incredible impact financial literacy can have on our community,” Sarah says.

Age: 33

Fun Fact: Sarah works part-time as an accreditation specialist for the Columbia Police Department.

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