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21 Questions

21 Questions

What to ask when choosing the right contractor.

Selecting the right contractor will be one of the most important factors in determining whether your next remodeling experience is pleasurable. In fact, 50 percent of homeowners in a recent survey were not satisfied to a point where they would hire that contractor again. We’ve put together a list of 21 questions to ask potential contractors. Any reputable remodeling contractor should be able to answer all of the following questions positively. You would be wise to avoid any contractor who can’t.

1. Are you properly licensed on the federal, state and city level?

2. Do you require all change orders to be in writing to eliminate any misunderstandings and unexpected cost overruns?

3. Do you carry general liability and completed operations insurance?

4. Do you carry workers’ compensation insurance?

5. Will you provide me with a written lien waiver at the end of the job?

6. Are you a member of NARI or NAHB? Do you subscribe to their code of ethics?

7. Are you certified as a CR or CGR?

8. Are you a member of the local Chamber of Commerce?

9. Will you pull any necessary permits?

10. Do you offer a written warranty on all workmanship?

11. Who will be in charge of my job? May I meet this person or persons?

12. Have you been a party in any construction litigation?

13. Will you provide me with references?

14. What percentage of your business is repeat or referral based?

15. How many projects like mine have you completed in the past year or two?

16. How do you plan to reduce dust and protect the rest of my home from the effects of other work?

17. How is daily general cleanup handled?

18. Will the contractor provide a jobsite communication board or other means of communication that is checked daily for questions or concerns I might have thought of after working hours?

19. Will you provide me with a written contract that clearly spells out exactly what you will do, what your price includes and does not include and specifies a guaranteed price, payment schedule and a completion date?

20. Will a professional design my job? (This is only for projects that warrant this level of service.)

21. Does the contractor provide realistic renderings, sketches and perspectives to allow you to clearly visualize your project early in the planning stages? (This is for projects that warrant this level of service.)

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