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A family-friendly space that looks like a million bucks: That’s what this family decided they wanted their basement to encompass. They dreamed up a plan that had a theater-like feel, perfect for entertaining, watching sporting events and creating a space their kids could use in the years to come. This basement’s stamp of approval came when the surfaces used in the space proved to be kid friendly and dog durable.


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Built in 1990, this house sits at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in the Highlands neighborhood in southwest Columbia. The family moved into the home in 2008 and began remodeling the basement in December 2013. Working with the team at Studio Home and their contractor, Ben Vineyard, the family’s vision of creating a family space fit for entertaining came true. In addition to clean lines and a high-end look, the family also wanted a space where they could display their ever-growing art collection.

“Art is very important to us, and we are still growing our collection,” the homeowner says. “We don’t have a lot of wall space on the main floor, so the basement is a valuable place to hang works that we love.”

As soon as you walk down the smooth wooden stairs from the main level, the modern lines and high-end feel immediately strike you. The stairs are lined with a beautiful glass panel, which leads right into the kitchen and bar area. The lighting in the space hits the stunning granite countertops just right so that it actually sparkles. The room is open concept, which is perfect for their vision of creating a space that’s not only fit for entertaining adults but also kid friendly.

One of the most unique features in the space is the entertainment system. On one wall, the homeowner wanted to be able to watch more than one thing at a time.

“When you entertain, nobody can agree on what they want to watch, so we decided to put in four different televisions so we can have a variety of things on,” the homeowner says. “Sometimes I’ll have a few football games going while also entertaining the kids with cartoons.”

When the homeowners were looking for an interior designer for the space, Studio Home seemed to be the obvious choice.

“Studio Home was great to work with,” the homeowner says. “They were organized, conscientious and detail oriented. Aaron’s vision for the space was vital to the outcome. He had the idea to reorient the bar so that it faced you as you walk down the stairs and also designed the mock doors in the cabinetry that hide a storage room behind. Both of these ideas were important in maximizing the available living space.”

They turned to Ben Vineyard as their contractor, who the homeowner says has always performed top quality on any work he’s done on their home.

Between the impeccable woodwork in the kitchen and bar, stunning artwork and versatile multipurpose space, this basement is truly one for the books. It can be light and open at times but can quickly be transformed into the perfect movie room with the top-quality curtains installed by Studio Home. This space is one that the family will be able to use for years to come.

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